Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm going to knit a noose

A large percentage of my Orlando sisters knit for cathartic reasons.  I do not possess those talents, but in light of our weekend weather forecast, I now see the necessity of learning such a skill.  We are now in a BLIZZARD WARNING....YES, you read that right!  On April 30th and May 1st we are due for a winter storm.  THIS IS WRONG and I'm not going to take it anymore.  If I knew how to knit, I'd stitch together a lovely noose and wrap it around my neck. 

Does anyone have the number to Mother Nature?  I'd like to give her a piece of my mind.  I don't have a lot of brain matter to spare (after my drunken, sorority college days) but in this case, I'm willing to risk it!

The past two days have been wonderful.  70 lovely degrees, light breezes and sun!  Madison bathed her Arab, Lucki, and gave Ka Ching a scrubbing too.  In light of the impending storm and Sunday's saddle fit session at our training barn, we had to haul Ka Ching over there today in order to ensure that the horse is there for the fitting regardless of the el crappo weather.  At least I know I'll be able to get there in the Denali and this way I won't have to worry about driving on the muddy/snowy roads.  How sad to still have to worry about snow and blizzards the last day of April. 

Somebody tell Old Man Winter to take a hike and leave North Dakota alone.  Looking at this with a glass-half-full perspective, I suppose we have it better than the deep south with all those deadly tornadoes.  Sadly I know in just a matter of weeks, we'll have gone from snow to tornadoes and have that to worry about.

So where do I go to learn how to knit?


Kari said...

Are you kidding?!! This winter will never end. Please don't send that stuff our way.

Tifanni said...

Sign me up. Its snowy here too. Where is global warming when you need it :)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Mother Nature has been a bit moody, I'd say! We has snow last week...evenwitht he daffodils and forsythia in bloom! Crazy!