Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, April 13, 2012

My outspoken disdain for the Three Stooges movie

When I was a kid, I would catch a snippet of the Three Stooges on T.V. every now and then and in confirmation of my low I.Q. I would belly laugh until it hurt.  Heck even my nieces would laugh and one time, became terribly upset when their dad refused to participate in their rendition of the stooges, resulting in utter chaos as they were forced to play the two stooges.  Anarchy!

I took my brood to see the movie which was released today. I expected a mind-numbing experience as three morons slapped, poked, and punched each other with funny sound effects until one of them falls down.  True to stooge fashion, all those things occurred, but the premise of the story is very, very disheartening and I'm on a shtick to get people to ban seeing this movie.

The movie begins in an orphanage.  Benign enough, but it quickly devolves to witnessing three babies in a duffel bag being tossed from a moving vehicle.  Other disturbing scenes follow where these orphan waifs are lined up for perusal by prospective adoptive parents.  One is chosen and quickly returned when he states he wishes his friends could be adopted too.  The movie isn't just offensive to orphans and adopted children but to those in foster care too.  In several scenes, foster children are referred to as those who are sent to live with people who are paid to care for them.

The whole movie smacked of insensitivity and callous attitudes towards a substantial chunk of the worlds population.  I am aware that movies are a form of entertainment and often poke fun at the foibles and human frailties we all possess, but this is truly poking fun of the least of the least. 

There were so many aspects of this movie that Pissed. Me. Off.  that it's hard to determine which one is the worst.  Wait.  Nope. I do know what I found most offensive.  There's one line in the movie in which a nun is gazing upon the myriad of children (orphans) at the orphanage and she states, "No wonder their parent's didn't want them!"

I'm a liberal minded person, but man did this movie strike a cord in me.  Do not see this movie if not because you find it offensive to the most vulnerable of humans (orphans) but because the number of brain cells that die watching this flick will be irreversible.