Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, August 23, 2009

And more pictures

Jerome in his undies having some self-made fun with
the hose and the trampoline.

This buffalo was the reason Jerome wet his pants in the
parking lot of the rest stop.

Peterson and Alder looking a little dazed after just arriving
in Billings.

What a handsome group of kids.

The Bergstedt's and their kids. Aurrora is a super big

geez, alright

Tifanni was suprised to see us and dashed down the stairs
carrying little Alder.

The four Laurie children!

Yes, Thomas did dump the bucked of water on Rich.

After their baptism. This is the cake my friend Lauri
made. She wrote on there "byen vini" which is welcome!

Aren't they outstandingly handsome all dressed for
their baptism.

No talk, just pictures.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I hate my gateway computer

Yes I know there are starving people in this world who endure a tremendous amount of suffering on a daily basis, but I still have to vent about my rather spendy and lemony computer. last November we bought a totally pimped out gateway for about $1000 at BestBuy. I love the hot buttons and lighted keys, but that thing has been a lemon since it came out of the box. It has burned thru 4 batteries, won't keep a screensaver going, the screen dims and re-brightens ALL THE TIME, which makes you squint and then think you have a vision problem. Like that isn't enough, some of the buttons have popped up and you have to re-attach them occasionally. Then there is the problem of it just not coming on at all.

Today our dear laptop will journey forth from Best Buy here in Bismarck and head to the geek squad in Kansas City. Why Kansas City is beyond me, but since it is still under warranty they can do whatever they want with it....and I mean anything. We have accidental breakage protection and I often think it would be better to have "dropped" it down the stairs while walking. Heck, then at least they would just give us a new one instead of having to try and fix it before just getting us a new one.

We transferred all the infor from the old one to this new one we bought for the kids because how can I be without internet access for a month?? This new little one for Thomas is an HP laptop and while it doesn;'t have all the bells-and-whilstles it does have the same internal guts as our snappy Gateway.

So there is my rant for the week. Tonight Marc and Madi have their riding lesson. Kurt will come out and coach them at our arena while I sit in a chair and supervise with a beer in my hand. Why you ask, am I not riding?? Well, Madi is riding my horse so I would be left to ride our Arab mare and I am not up for that much "fun" tonight.

Oh, and I found out that the in-laws are coming out for a visit in October. While I would normally feel vomitous about this for a week, this time however I am a little excited. Since the boys came home in May, they have not met a single one of our relatives. most of the relatives live on the West coast, so we haven't been particularly anxious to fly or drive out west, so it will actually nice for the boys to meet some relatives. Next summer we know we have a trip to San Francisco as Madison's birth-father is getting married. That should be a really fun time and I am looking forward to that trip a lot.

The boys are doing very well and I can't remember what life was like without them. It just feels like they have always been here. They fit into our chaos very well!