Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't leave, I'm still alive

I have so much to blog about and gobs of pictures to upload, but the craziness has kept me from just about everything I enjoy doing. I will hit a few highlights and hope like hell that this weekend I can escape the constant trailing of my children and catch a moment to myself and post some of our recent escapades.

To keep you enticed with juicy tidbits: The kids are over their black plague and seem to be in good health. Just saying that is the kiss of death.

We journeyed to Billings last month to welcome home the Watkin's family and their two youngest boys who came home from the same creche as our boys.

Jerome peed his pants while at the rest stop because we could not get out of the car as a male Buffalo was standing directly in front of the enterance to the Men's restroom.

Fake dog poo and vomit amuse the boys endlessly everyday as they find new and interesting places to leave it and hope it gets a rise out of me.

We have a new kitten which should be named KILLER, instead of Tulip.

I have two kids in braces and just got back from having yet another broken band replaced in Thomas' mouth.

Richnigthder is exceptionally smart and will most likely finish his Kindergarten curriculum in about 4 months.

Jerome's English is taking huge growths everyday. Just yesterday he told me that at OT and PT he loves doing Chelsea. Translation....he loves working with her.

Madison is taking dressage lessons to help her with her reining. It has slowed her hands down and she is learning to refine her movements on the horse and really tune into him.

I break up about 4000 fights a day and find absolutely no joy in that.

The boys have been home 3 months today and it feels like they have always been here.

These are just a few points I will touch upon when I get back to this on Saturday or Sunday. Until then, don't despair or leave the followings of my chaotic life. It has just been too chaotic to even catch a moment to share the nutty happenings here.

Oh, and will someone please do something about this lousy summer weather. It is 57 degrees and raining. When will we get summer this year?????

Saturday, July 11, 2009

wash the monkey?

I had forgotten all the things I took for granted with Madison and Thomas having achieved age appropriate levels of independence. Rich and Jerome have brought back everything that Ihad worked so hard to push from my brain.

Kids have 'sit down radar.' You know, the minute you sit down, they get up and start screaming or demanding something of you that requires movement or attention. This theory also extends to sitting down on the potty. Every time I need to go wee, Rich or Jerome, who may have been on another level of the house and out of ear-shot, start yellling, " Mama go pee pee?" Now it seems that whenever I go to the loo, my two youngest tribe members trail after me inquiring as to my business.

The same story plays out when I get into the shower every morning. The other morning, Marc had already chewed the chains off his legs that freed him to leave the chaos at home and be with 'real' people all day, and I was attempting to shower uniterupted. HA, just as the shampoo is really lathering up, in walks Richnightder and after I asked him in a not so kind tone of voice what in the hell he wanted, he replied...." Wash the monkey?" I had a lot of thoughts flash thru my brain, and most of them were kind of on the dirty end of the spectrum. He repeated it again, as I must have stood there, soapy and all, not answering and I finally turned off the water, opened the shower door and asked him what he was talking about. Lathered up hair and soap on my face, I wrapped a towel around myself (not that it actually mattered since he had been a spectator for a few minutes already) and asked him to show me what was so damn important. With the tv remote in hand he opens the bathroom door he had so thoughtfully closed behind himself, and pointed at the tv on the wall in my bedroom. Playing on tv then was Curious George. He wanted to know if it was ok to 'Watch the monkey'! See all of you with filthy minds, it had nothing to do with personal cleanliness.....just a 6 year old learning to speak English and trying to find out if it was ok to 'gade' telle while Curious George was on.