Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Monday, April 27, 2009

Odds and ends before gotcha day

We leave tomorrow for Minneapolis where we fly to Miami on Wednesday. I had a few last
minute items to pick up for our trip and thought since I was out and about, I might as well look for a new bra or two. Bra shopping and swimsuit shopping are the worst things I can imagine doing. Even though I think I know what size bra I need, everytime I end up buying new bras it is always a new size, usually larger. I have a completly flat ass and huge boobs. Seems my grandmother had tremendous boobies, which skipped my mom and went straight to my oldest sister, one of my neices and myself. I figure if I keep gaining weight in my boobs, someday soon I will be a weeble and just fall face first down to the ground and gravity will keep me there.

I just spent more time lamenting bra shopping than I intended, but I think it is universal among women that bra shopping is a painful, psychologically scarring event. No woman I know hops out of bed thinking it is a great day, since they get to go bra and/ or swimsuit shopping. True story. Many years ago, probably about 10 years when my body was still thin and my boobs had some self elevation, I went swimsuit shopping. I chose some tankini's that looked decent at least on the hangar and went into the dressing room. God knows I kept my panties on as who knows may have tried it on before me and I certainly don't want to get a skanky disease in a dressing room. The mirror was angled in three different ways so that you could get a good view of all sides, which is a good thing since so many women fail to look at their backside and don't realize the hideous nature of their appearance. So I put on the suit and am thinking it looks ok, when I looked in the mirror in front of me and caught a quick glimpse of some foreign ass in a teal suit right behind me. I gasped audibly, horrified that someone had entered my dressing room when I suddenly realized the shocking ass I was looking at was mine. I will never forget the horror I felt upon seeing an upclose view of my ass. Although it has always been flat and somewhat shapely, it was still vomitous to see it with my own eyes.

As we will be in Miami for 4 days/ 3 nights I anticipate having to get into a swimsuit. I just hope I don't make our new boys gag in horror at the sight of their new mom with the huge boobies and flat ass. Golly, I am a hot commodity. Watch out Gisele Budchen, my 40 something body is heading to South Beach.

We are not bringing the computer on our trip, so that we will not have any distractions with the new boys. Hence, we will have our phones with us, but will be out of touch with the cyber world until at least next Sunday. If you want, feel free to call us on our cell phones. We will only be out of reach while in transit to Miami and for about 12 hours on Thursday when we are into and out of Haiti. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we work on integrating Richnightder and Jerome into the family. We are thrilled to be heading out at very long last to bring our boys home forever.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better than a stamped visa in their passports

My friend Dominique has been at the creche for 8 days or so now, resolving a little glitch with her son's visa issuance, which by the way has been resolved, but I digress. She has gotten a hold of me by phone once or twice, but only when she is at the transition house in PaP. The creche is slightly remote and she has not been able to get cell phone reception there no matter how many times she has tried.

About an hour ago our phone rang, and Marc answered it knowing from caller ID that it was Dominique. He kept saying hello, but could hear other people on the line. Finally he handed it to me and as I said hello, I could hear Dominique telling Richnightder that it was his mama.....ME! Turns out she had let Richnightder play with her phone since there was no reception there and he somehow dialed our number and as Marc answered it, Richnihgtder ran to Dominique yelling, 'papa!" We got to talk to our sweet boys and even Thomas got to say hi to Jerome. This was the best, best, best suprise ever and I can't thank D for letting the boys play with her phone. And whatever stars aligned just so it was the neatest coincidence I have ever experienced. Boy, do I owe Dominique a large cocktail when we meet.

Thursday is quickly approaching and I can't wait to hold my boys. They both clearly understand that they will be leaving in a matter of days and I am just as excited as they must be. I always thought the best suprise I have ever gotten was in a little blue box with Tiffany and Co. on the and a wonderfully shiny diamond ring inside, but today's phone call takes the cake. AHHHH, I am so in love with all of my kids.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes, they really are coming home........NEXT THURSDAY!

The visa appointment went well and if all goes according to plan(cough) then the visa should be printed and in the orphanage director's hands tomorrow afternoon. Next Thursday we fly from Miami to Port-au-Prince to bring our boys home FOREVER. We are only there for one day and will return to Miami on Friday evening. Madison and Thomas are going with us and this should be one hell of an adventure for everyone. The tickets are purchased (cough....chunk of change there) and hotel rooms booked. There is no going backwards now, it is full steam ahead.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visa appointment, Thursday morning at 7:30

Your thoughts, positive vibes, happy karma and prayers are encouraged as the very last hurdle for the adoption occurs on Thursday morning with the Consulate at the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince. We are hopeful that since our boys have had their final medical clearances by the CDC, the visa's will be issued on Thursday and actually in the hands of our orphanage director by Friday or Monday. Having said all that, we should be able to travel to bring the boys home late next week.

Many of you may wonder why I am still worried at this stage of the game, and I have one word for you all.........Bernot. A little angel at our creche who is unfortunately caught in the bureaucratic system of egos; doctors, officiandos, and politicos all wrangling to exert their will at the expense of a little boy. I want him home with his family yesterday and they could certainly use our happy thoughts now too. With the way things are in Haiti, you can not count your chickens before they're hatched.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We have USCIS approval Zippadeedoodah

We are offically approved for both boys in USCIS. Now we move onto the consular section for the final visa appointment. Our boys have had their final medical exams completed and approved so hopefully that appointment will be a quick one.

And a special thank you to the guardian angels I have asked to watch over my boys and their paperwork and bring it to a quick completion.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My only baby girl is 12 today

Twelve years ago today, my little baby girl was born. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other days it feels like an eternity to get her to this point. The moment just her head was sticking out, I knew she would be a determined, feisty thing. She is stubborn, strong-willed, intelligent and sensitive all rolled into a young lady on the verge of making her mark in the world.

I heard her first breath, watched Marc cut the cord.....after much practicing....but that is another story, and saw her first pucker of anger in the world. So today as I dash about gathering supplies and cleaning the house for the gaggle of tweens and newly teenage girls, I am reflecting on how blessed we are to have her as our child, and only daughter. I will post some pics later, but must dash now and get the salmon ready that she has requested for her birthday dinner.

Oh, and a rather large thank you to Angela and Darryl, without whom none of our joy would be possible. Love you both.

Friday, April 10, 2009

sort of, kind of, not really an update from USCIS, but still something

We have received two emails from USCIS in PaP. The first one requested that we send them via email, copies of our passports with entry and exit stamps from Haiti. I know this had been submitted with our immigration packet, but whatever, we can send them again. Then they emailed again, almost immediately thanking us for our prompt attention. The senator's office also received an update on our files and shared with Marc that our files should be out of USCIS next week and then passed on to the consular.

The emails have left us hanging until at least Monday as the embassy is closed today for Good Friday. I am in such a paranoid state right now and fear that so many things could still go wrong that would prevent us from bringing our boys home, that I am interpreting every last word in the emails from USCIS. The last email thanking us for our prompt attention, ended with "We will let you know once your case is approved." I am hoping that it was not just boiler-plate lingo, but in fact, the truth; that our files are heading for approval shortly. The ending of the email was meant to be pleasant, but since we are in a state of limbo was actually depressing. They ended it with "Happy Easter." UGH

I am in a chronic paranoid state these last two weeks. I just want my boys to come home and this waiting and wondering to be behind us. As usual, the wait continues.

Monday, April 6, 2009

still no USCIS updates

Our files have been in USCIS for almost 2 weeks and we have heard nothing. We have asked for status updates and received nada, zilch, zippo. Another family that entered the same day as we did, and adopting from the same creche has already had their visa appointment. This is truly the most agonizing part of the wait. By far, worse than any other stage of the process. I feel as though we are so close, yet as always, the wait continues.