Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obviously I am thrilled that barack Obama has been voted as our President Elect. I saw the eyes of the American people last night, yearning with hope and triumph. This is a moment of infamy!

I did not vote for Obama because he was black. I voted for him because I saw the desire to bring hope to our country. Hope to the people who have seen their dreams and their hopes for their children slowly ebb away from reality. I do believe that Obama can and will inspire all Americans to do what they can for our country. I do believe that he will have daunting challenges, successes and failures and I do believe he will lead our country to a new-found standing of importance and respect on a global scale.

As the mother of four black children, I am overwhelmed with joy and hope that my children will now be able to say that although they have studied segregation, they have also witnessed the culmination of perserverance and determination to overcome injustice. Yes, racism still exists, sometimes subtly and sometimes quietly, but perhaps those clutching to their ingrained fallacies, will now begins to see things thru different eyes. I believe the best days of America are still ahead of us. That responsibility does not lie soley with Obama, but with the millions of Americans who must take responsibility for our destiny. Millions have voted and now our future is in our hands and Obama's respectful vision of America; one of hope, success, independence, and unlimited possibilities.


Kristi said...

Well stated! I am excited for the future and I think that Obama will do a lot of great things as President. He is a natural leader and a person who I can respect.

Tifanni said...

Amen Geralyn,
I"m so gosh darn happy today.

geralyn said...

Thanks ladies!!