Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Monday, November 24, 2008

I told you that would happen

Thomas officially has the crud that has plagued the rest of us. He has terrible congestion, a sore throat, chest cold, productive cough and a fever. I am on the mend, but Marc and Thomas are feeling pretty yucky.

Last night I let Thomas use our almost brand new laptop to surf cars and trucks while he was lying on the couch. He carried it in to show us something and as the words were being exhaled from my mouth, "Be careful and carry it with both hands" he stumbled and dropped the laptop. It's screen is now a miserable mess of broken whatever it is material. All I know is that the computer is no longer among the living.

Today Marc took it to Best Buy and the Geek Squad is trying to retrieve all the info from our hard drive and install it into the new computer that we had to buy. We bought another Gateway as we really liked the one that just became garbage. So keep your fingers crossed that we can get back onto a real computer by late tonight or tomorrow evening. Right now I am using Madi's little notebook computer and I hate it. It is so darn dinky and her keys are sticky with food and God knows what else!!

But the Mother of the year award goes to me for what Thomas heard me say last evening after the computer incident. I was trying to tell Thomas that money doesn't grow on trees and since we are having to incur the cost of buying a new computer, even though it was an accident, maybe we should cut back on the amount of gifts that we planned on getting him. He told me that was ok, as Santa would still get him stuff. I thought he had left the room, but was merely out of my sight behind the countertop island in the kitchen when I told Marc, "Well maybe we should just complete his night and tell him there really is no Santa." I felt SO bad when he came around the counter, looked at me with those deep, dark, tear-stained eyes and said, "What? There's no Santa. Oh, great. What next, no tooth Fairy." So back off ladies, Mom of the Year goes to me for bursting the kids bubble after he berated himself for accidentally breaking the computer. And life plugs along up here on the Northern Plains, where everyday, little boys have accidents, and their Mom's damage their psyche's by obliterating the fantasy of eternal happiness and good will, also known as Santa.


Kristi said...

Someday you WILL see the humor in this. For now I will laugh for you :-)

Tifanni said...

Hey-I"m laughing, and Thomas will have something to talk about for Dr. Phil :)
BTW-Happy Anniversary