Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everything has gone to hell because I have a cold

Madison was kind enough to share her cold/flu with me. She is still sick with it, but when she first came down with it, she spent 3 days lying on the couch with kleenex, cough drops and the remote. Now she has seen fit to share her plague with me and I am still up moving around.

The kids had basketball yesterday, ice skating today and Madi has another activity tonight for two hours. I still have to feed the animals, oh, and try to do homeschooling. Since my voice has left me, I did not do school yesterday and today isn't looking so great either for school. My puppies barked all night long, so much so that it even annoyed Pebbles and Chowders. Pebbles had gas all night which is never good since she sleeps under our bed. The green fog apparantly seeps upward thru mattress and bedding until it wakes us from a sound sleep. Chowder woke us up to go outside and vomit and I continued to lie there coughing and choking on the phlegm. Marc was a good sport last night, and got up to feed the puppies, change piddle pads and take Chowder out. Pebbles barfed sometime around 4AM and as we lept from the bed to try and drag her to our bathroom and onto an easy-to-clean floor, she barfed right in the doorway to our bathroom. So I grabbed the nearest thing to scoop the barf up with and it was unfortunately Marc's pants. OOPS!!

The whole point to my story is that, when my normal routine is off, suchas having a cold and not doing school, the whole house, including animals all falls to hell. My house is a disgusting germ infested abode that needs a serious scrubbing. I now have to scrub floors, bathrooms, kitchen, doorknobs, lightswitches, remote, kitchen drawer pulls, etc. I hate seeing stuff lying around and for a couple days now, I have just walked over or around it. But it is seriously causing me distress. I ventured downstairs and was horrified to see that the kids had left the bar area a total wreck. That sink is full of empty pop cans, and bowls from having contraband ice cream. They moved ALL the furniture around to make a blanket tent and I swear it is bigger than Marc's first apartment. They rearranged the bar fridge and pushed my diet coke to the back which really pissed me off. I know, illogical, but I do feel crappy and when I feel crappy, the kids go WILD.

So I just had to rant and rave that I hate having a cold and I hate having a trashed out house. On the up side though, Marc did bring me home a dozen roses yesterday because he knew I had a rough day. Now if he really felt like getting me something to cheer me up, he should have gotten me the matching necklace to my earrings at Tiffany and Co. HINT HINT


Tifanni said...

I hope you feel better soon :)

Aurrora was supposed to go play with the twins today, but they are sick too, so she's going to be mighty disappointed. She's had it written on her calender for a week

AprilC said... are having a bad day girl...but on the bright side thanks for making me smile.

You should REALLY join late night.