Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm bored and getting sad. I have heard our unusually warm fall is about to end next week. That means a return to parkas, hat, gloves, etc. I even heard the weatherman say the 'S' word...snow!! Marc put up some snow fencing today to keep it from piling up in between the barns. UGH I am not ready for winter yet.

The feeling of being in MOI has not worn off yet. It is a nice feeling to think that we are getting close to the end, relatively speaking. I know once it gets back to the USCIS offices, Marc will have a little 'pull' as he has lots of contacts. He has also spent a great deal of time at the Senators' offices and our Representatives office making contacts that will help when it gets to the embassy. Not like it is hard to do as he works right across the hall from their offices. Marc told me they have had some nice talks in the men's room. Right now, I don't real care where the schmooze happens as long as it helps get our kids file to the top of the pile in PaP. But bearing in mind that I have the luck of the Irish, we may just spend a few years in USCIS. Who really knows if anything will help, all you can do is try.

With the coming of winter weather knocking on our imminent door, I thought I would post a picture of Marc and me with our friends from last winter's cruise. We had an outstanding time and it was wonderful to be together, sans kids. Gee, maybe I should start planning another trip soon. Our 18th wedding anniversary is Nov. 24th. Yes, Marc married me when I was only 10!!!!! ;)


Kristi said...

LOVE your background!!

I'm with you on needing a mid-winter trip...I think our unusually warm fall is coming to a screeching halt as well. YUCK!

Tifanni said...

The cold is coming and I"m so ready to be done. I guess we're all going to have to make a drink with a little umbrella and pretend that we are somewhere warm :)