Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Thursday, November 13, 2008

cheap laughs

Does anyone else enjoy people watching?? Sometimes I have to suppress my laughter when I am at the store, mall, airport or any public place at the things people will do and wear by choice.

I would like to know what would cause someone to be so desperate for groceries, that they venture to Super Walmart in their pajamas in the middle of the day?? Not that anyone should go grocery shopping in their PJ's regardless of the hour of the day. What would cause my MIL and FIL to travel from Oregon to North Dakota with their passports......tied around their necks?? Why do some women at Walmart wear gross, old, dirt slippers to the store?? Why do some "big-boned" gals insist on wearing tight pants and shirts that show every fat roll on their body??

And this is another curious thought. Does Walmart really sell such high-end perfume that it has to be behind a locked glass door? Are the women driving in from the farms with their blue eye-shadowed daughter's just dying to get ahold of some 'designer' knock-off Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond's perfume?? What could be of such value that Walmart must lock it up?

And one of of my personal pet peeves.......I understand people traveling on a red-eye flight with children in their jammies or comfy clothes, but why do adults insist on wearing what I wouldn't be caught going to the garbage can in?? And on that same line of thought......why bring your own pillow, tucked under your arm, in plain view with a dingy, dirty pillowcase!! YUCK

With the Christmas shopping season now upon us, I am sure that I will have more than enough freaks to view at our local shopping establishments. But I do admit my personal favorite place to people watch remains the airport. I love to watch families fighting, screaming children, and the general sense of anger that everyone seems to carry along as well as their luggage.

The last time Marc and I went to Haiti, we played a fun game while waiting in line at all the airports we had to pass thru. It was packed as usual and people are standing too close to me for comfort, you know, personal space!! Marc was right behind me and as we stood in the lines that snake around and around, so that people are to your left and right, Marc blurts out, "So, what did you tell your husband??" Heads snapped around and I immediately got on board with this fun, new game. I replied, "I told him the same thing you told your wife." I loved the dirty way it made me feel and people couldn't stop looking at us. Now that was fun. Next time we do it, we are going to make sure that we have all 4 of our black kids with us. Now there's something to gossip about.


Kristi said...

Oh G - I laughed all the way through this and you know I feel the same way about A LOT of it! I mean seriously what on earth possesses people to venture out in their rotten cartoon printed PJ's that are so old and dingy you can see their underwear through them, with their fuzzy pink dirty slipper packin' a baby on their hip with a dirty face and boogie nose in a clearly sagging diaper...I could go on and on.

I am with ya!!

As for your airport humor - I may have to try that in December. Sometime we should talk because I have story about our trip to LasVegas this summer that is right along those lines and would make you laugh so hard...I'll email you!

Jen said...

I do not "get" the jammies in public thing. We travel a lot with now five kids in tow and I am sure we get a lot of looks but I can say for certain that none of those looks are because we are wearing our PJ's at customs.

WM makes me laugh every time I am there. Once I heard some woman screaming at what turned out to be her husband/boyfriend. She beraded that poor guy and at one point lifted her arm up as if to hit him, and he actually ducked. Chances are this was not the first altercation!

Tifanni said...

Oh-you gals have got to try the Wal-mart in Missoula. There is a glorious mix of local hippies and out of town rednecks. I always leave that store feeling much better about myself.

One more thing you forgot to mention-The really large fellows that have way too many holes in there T-shirts-just plain nasty!

I do think we'll have to try the airport game sometime :)