Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happier thoughts

Wow, yesterday's post was a downer!! Although it was all true, the reality of it was still super depressing. I have not spoken to the neighbors today to see how they are feeling since the death of their horse, but I would imagine they are still pretty sad.

In light of my black, gloomy, post of yesterday, I thought I would post some cute pics of Madison and Thomas just having fun with the horses. No horse show stress or wardrobe dilemmas; just fun times with kids and horses at home. Sometime though, I will have to post pictures of Madison and Thomas collecting their awards at AQHA shows. Madi always acts like it is no big deal and Thomas is just the opposite. He wants everyone to take notice of his accomplishments.

But today is to honor the treasured relationship between people and horses. Our oldest horse, Josh, is a handsome, regal 21 year old Arabian. He still knows he is hot stuff, but he takes care of my kids. He is a four-legged babysitter and although he is aging, you can still see the majestic and proud Arab that he was and still embodies. Our Arab mare, Lucki, is a wonderful example of hot-blooded, raring to go, show off horse. She has a sweet heart, but a will of iron and I trust her implicitly with Madison only. She loves Madi and when they had a nasty spill two summers ago, Lucki waited beside Madi until she got up and took ahold of the reins.

Our Quarter horses have very different personalities than do our Arabs. They are more willing to please and not as tempermental, but still take care of us. My horse Tommy is a world class reiner that came to us from a breeder in Texas. I had a bad riding accident as a child and it took me well into my adult years to go back to riding. When I found Tommy at a show in Oregon, I fell in love. Little did I know that Marc and our friend and trainer, Terri, brokered the deal and bought him for me. He has restored my confidence in myself and taught me to trust the horse again. Now Madison rides him in the Quarter Horse and Reining shows and is kicking some serious ass against the much older kids. Marc's mare, Hondo just produced a beautiful filly that we hope will become a world class reiner in 3-4 years. Our mini's are just are pets that the kids goof around on and have a lot of fun. I love all my horses and their personalities are as unique and different as people.

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Tifanni said...

Such a nice post and beautiful pictures. It reminds me that I have to go feed my hay burners before dark sets in, in about 10 minutes :)