Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thomas is the best!!!

Angela and the kids left for Seattle about an hour ago. I thought I would be jumping up and down will glee at the thought of being alone and without kids for 5 days, but oddly enough, I am weepy and sad. I tried not to cry at the airport, but couldn't help it when the kids kept running back for "Just one more hug." Marc is a little disappointed in my behavior because I think he was hoping I would be this crazy, free, uninhibited housewife and really get my groove on without kids cramping our style. Oh well!

But I want the world to know that Thomas is the best almost 10 year old boy anywhere!! While we were at the airport, he ran to the men's restroom and came running out to tell us that someone had left a BIG ring in the bathroom. I told him to run back and bring it to us and when he returned, sure enough, it was a man's wedding ring. Marc and Thomas took it to the airport police and Thomas was listed as the finder. He felt so important telling them where it was and helping them fill out the "Found property form." About 20 minutes later, we see airport security walking towards us with a young couple and the officer pointed at Thomas and announced that "this is the young man who found your ring and brought it to us." The young couple were very, very happy and told Thomas how good it was of him to do the right thing and then they gave him $10 and told him it was a small expression of their gratitude. I thought Thomas was going to burst with pride. I was so proud of him. And then in typical Thomas fashion, he told me he knew it was a "real" ring because it wasn't green and it didn't have any cartoons on it. You gotta love being 10 years old and a discrimating jeweler.


Tifanni said...

That is so cute.
Way to go Thomas

Kathleen said...

I must be the techno-idiot in the family. It's taken me several minutes to determine how to post a comment. Great story about Thomas, Geralyn. Have the 'I have no kids' doldrums left yet? Just leave for Portland early and help me wrap cigars. Are you up for cocktails Friday night? Is Marc up for Art's bachelor party Friday night?

AprilC said...

Awesome for Thomas....Geralyn...try to enjoy, but I know how hard it is without your kids!

geralyn said...

I will be there for cocktails Friday night. Any idea where we are doing this? I am working thru the no-kid-doldrums, but still think about them every single second. Marc will go to Art's party if we have a sitter.

Angela said...

The kids are doing great. I sent you some pictures of todays events. Hope you are having fun. Talk later.