Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I wish the kids were having fun...HA

Here are some more pictures of todays fun adventures in Seattle. While they were riding the 'duck' and having fun at the amusement park, I was taking the horse to the vet for colic again, fixing fence posts, and buying beet pulp for the horse to eat (thanks, Terri.)

Our old friend ( no reference to age of course) Terri called. It was sooo good to talk to her and get caught up on family doings. She is responsible for almost all of the animals we have in our menagerie. We started with one horse boarded at her place 9 years ago and have added 7 horses, thanks to her and 2 rabbits which reproduced, well, like rabbits. She taught us most of what we know about caring for horses and also got Madison started in showing. We would have been lost without her guidance and friendship, albeit, maybe wealthier finacially if we didn't have quite as many animals. But they have become our life and a day without cleaning a stall, is just not quite right. I don't know if many of you will agree, but there really is nothing better than the smell of a horse or the sweet smell of its breathe with a mouthful of hay and alfalfa. Ok, it is defintely a horsey person thing, but if you love animals, you'll get what I am saying.

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Tifanni said...

Man-your horse seems to colic alot :(
I totally understand on the horse smell. If they made that as a perfume, I"d buy it. I always wonder why people stink when they smell and horses smell good. I guess thats one of life's mysteries.
Speaking of beet pulp, have you ever tried cool calories. Its great for putting weight on horses and its super easy to feed. Well I"m writing a book here
Take care