Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday thoughts

Thomas went to a camp-out birthday party yesterday and when he got home today, was full of fun stories of things they had done. They had planned on sleeping outside all night long, but were driven inside by the lightening, thunder, and coyotes. A few minutes after going inside, the tent blew away into the trees.

Now I have never spent a night outside and camping does not appeal to me, so this kind of birthday party would not be my kind of gig. But for 9 year old boys, it seems to be a wickedly cool party. I know for a fact, that this would never, ever be the type of party Madi would want. She has already informed me that next year she would like to go to Minneapolis, spend the night and have a full day of shopping at the Mall of America. WOOHOO, what Mom in her right mind would want to drive 6 hours with premenstrual girls, spend the night in a hotel room, referring all the arguments and then keep track of them in the mall? Not this mom. I would rather spend a day having a root canal.....they have drugs for that pain!

In 10 days, we are off to Portland for my sister, Kathleen's wedding. I have nothing to wear again, so this means a shopping trip to Nordstrom. Madison is so looking forward to that. She already has planned out which departments we will hit first, her clothing dept. being first, of course. I personally am a shoe junkie and am looking to get a pair of Stuart Weitzman's to wear to the wedding. Yeah, they are a little spendy, but they fit my feet like gloves. Then I am hellbent on getting a new handbag. I have my eye on a midsize Burberry, but Marc will have to be liquoured up and well pleasured before he sees the Nordy's bill come in. Probably TMI, but oh well. One of the things I love best about my sweet Madi is that she is a consumate shopper, knows her way around Nordstrom, and knows where most Tiffany and Co. stores are located in major cities. She is my girl!!!!

Flip side of that is what Thomas has just requested for one of his birthday gifts. He wants a manure spreader. There you have it. It would appear that Thomas loves anything you can get at the feed store, and Madison lives for the big city malls. I wonder what Richnightder and Jerome will like. Will they like Quiksilver and Volcom jeans or will they like the Wrangler jeans and shirts?

I will make sure to post pics from the wedding and hopefully I will be sporting some nice heels and an import handbag! Now back to the daily grind of feeding horses, dogs, cats and bunnies.
Sometimes reality is stinky, dirty and riddled with manure, but suprisingly, I like it just that way.


Kelsen Family said...

Joseph was telling me a story tonight about Richnightder riding on a donkey. I couldn't quite get the whole story, but he sure was giggling. He seems to be in the boys stories quite often. :)

geralyn said...

That is so neat to hear! Richnightder really seems to be quiet about his goings-on and Jerome is quite the little pistol. I can't wait to get our boys home and then we can compare stories. Thanks for posting.

Tifanni said...

Hey, a manure spreader is not a bad idea. Christmas is just around the corner you know