Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, August 29, 2008

flailing hooves

The farrier was out yesterday to trim our horses' feet and to put new sliders on Tommy. Marc was at work and the kids were done with school for the day, so I was almost looking forward to time alone with the farrier and some adult conversation.

Trimming the grown up horses is never a problem for us or the farrier, but for added fun yesterday, we trimmed our three month old filly's feet for the first time. Madi and Tom have done a super job of getting her halter broken and being able to touch her feet, ears, face, legs, etc., but actually cutting her hooves.......whoa, she was a little tiger.

Actually, Pat, the farrier said she was the best baby he had ever trimmed in his 20 years of experience, but nonetheless, the hooves came flying at my face. We put Coco's butt in the corner of the stall and I held her head down with the leadline, but as soon as he started rasping, her little feet were up in my face and her legs were on my shoulders. It would have been a cute sight had she not been scared witless and been clubbing at my face and shoulders with her little hooves.

I have a few battle scars from the adventure, mostly bruises and sores muscles. But the weird thing is that my back has been killing me since I slipped getting out of the limo 2 weeks ago and after yesterdays smack-down wrestling match with the pony, my back is almost perfect. So the moral of this long story is; who really needs a chiropractor when you can wrestle with horses and get the kinks worked out? But hey, it sure beats setting your finger on fire! Right Tifanni!!


Tifanni said...

Darn funny. Maybe you should wear you high heals while you hold the horse to really work out the back kinks :)

geralyn said...

Ha, ha, ha. You know, I just might try that.