Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

facebook lost

Just when I was getting in the swing of things and understanding the navigation of Facebook, all is lost. Marc was trying to set up his own Facebook page and somehow, in his fiddling around, I am nowhere to be found now. I tried entering my name, email address, etc., and nothing ever comes up showing that I have ever existed in the facebook world. I am totally lost in the cyber world.

Marc feels appropriately crappy for losing my page, and swears he will get it back. He emailed tech support at facebook and all the automated response said was to not goof around with it until they get back to us. Like everything in my life right now, I must wait. So to everyone out there who had facebooked with me in the past week, I hope to be able to get my page back from the land of the cyberlost and get back to chatting.

Does anyone know a good marriage counselor?? ;)


Tifanni said...

Maybe you should call your social worker that did your homestudy and she can refer you to a great counselor :)

I think its mumu and K-mart time :)

JenniferV said...

I am so relieved that it was a techno error. I asked my sons why your name had gone black and I could not respond to your last message...they said you had blocked me :-( Now my kids think I am some sort of stalker.

Let me know when you rejoin the Facebook world.


geralyn said...

Jennifer, email me so we can keep in touch until/whenever Facebook figures out what freakish thing happend.

AprilC said...

hahah Jen H and I were trying to find you last night :-0(