Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Monday, February 23, 2009

We know there will be no news this week

With carnivale in full swing in Port-au-Prince, most if not all offices will be closed this week. So I know for sure that I will not be getting an email informing us that Jerome's file is finally out of MOI. At this rate, even if his file was signed out of MOI the end of this week, it will still take approximately 3-4 weeks to get his passport issued. Richnightder has been in passport printing 3 weeks today, but who's counting?? The flip side is that even if Richnihgtder gets his passport the end of this week, his file will just have to sit and wait until Jerome's file catches up.

Does anyone else here see the irony of a country in constant turmoil and citizens who are destitute spending a week of all out partying?? For God's sake, I wrote this at Christmas time, but with a country of over-flowing orphanges, and children dying on the streets, wouldn't it seem logical that some government offices, say, adoption related, would continue to work to ensure children are going home to their forever families and making room for orphans on the street to move into creches?? I know I have some crazy ideas, but I am constantly bothered by the fact that so many people and offices feel no sense of urgency to move these kids' files with any thing resembling efficiancy. What is it ever going to take to get these kids home?? We have heard that Jerome's file is merely waiting for one last signature which would release it from MOI and order a passport to be issued. How on God's green earth, can some human being take off time from work, to wear plastic beads and fancy clothes, gorge on liquor and food in a gluttonous fashion all the time knowing that kids are languishing in creches without families to care for them??

And for the record, I am not premenstrual, just thoroughly pissed off by our situation. Haitian adoption really has all the control and we, the adoptive families, are just supposed to sit back and gleefully accept our hands being tied. So most likely I will be a very frustrated woman this week all the while knowing full well NOTHING is happening in Haiti to bring my kids home. The gluttonous food and liquor of Mardi gras sounds pretty appealing to me right now in an effort to help me forget my misery. My thighs hate me already, so what is a little more, right??


Tifanni said...

I totally understand your frustration. I want updates more then anything, and I want to be in MOI. I"m thinking that they won't be coming this week.
Peterson's birthday is tomarrow, and I had one hell of a day at work.
Maybe we should just live off of beer for the next week

AprilC said...

Maybe we should all just partake and get drunk!

Madison said...

MOM- I already asked you.... Please be a follower and tell april and others about my BLOG already!!!!