Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Thursday, February 5, 2009

what the hell am I doing today?

NOTHING is the answer to that question. The kids are actually working quietly and nicely on their schoolwork at their desks, so here I sit blogging. Our Denali is still in the shop and the loaner car they provided to us is the size of Mr. Bean's car. Yeah I am all in favor of saving the environment, but this car is embarassing. It's a Chevy Aveo and I actually think I would feel safer driving a rusty old tuna can. It says it has side air bags, but Marc thinks they are probably just balloons. It does not do well on our snowy, icy roads and I was mortified to pick up our food at Applebee's Curbside service. For God's sake it has hand crank windows. Didn't they do away with that in the '80's? I think this makes me a snob, but I am just not used to driving a matchbox car. Enough said!!

The builders are here tearing the roof and 3 sides off our barn from last July's tornado/hailstorm. In typical builder fashion, they came yesterday and worked an arduous day of almost 2 hours and then left. They have now been here for over an hour and I anticipate them leaving any moment. The horses are outside in their runs not looking too happy with their new daytime accomodations. It is snowy and cold today, albeit sunny. If the horses had opposible thumbs, I would imagine they would be knitting sweaters for themselves. We actually do have thick blankets for them, but it is not wise to put them on and then take them off. Seems it screws up the horses hair and how it compacts down and then doesn't keep them as warm. And this really pissed me off. After the builders left yesterday, I went out to clean stalls and then bring the horses in. I was grossed out to see that the builders had actually peed in the stalls. Super gross. I actually threw bleach water on it because I perceived it as someone pissing in someone elses bed, namely my horses. I think today I will have our Rottweiler take a huge crapola in their truck just to show them what it is like.

Can anyone tell I am slightly premenstrual today???????

And absolutely no news on the adoption front. Still stuck in MOI. I really don't think they will be home before summer at this rate. With the mood I am in today, I think I need to head down to Haiti and kick some serious MOI ass. And I just might drag along our donkey from the Jeremie trip and let it kick some ass too.


dreamingBIGdreams said...

this post made me chuckle outloud. NOt at your expense, but just with how things can get to us so badly.

i had one of those days yesterday too. everything pissed me off!

today is a new day.

praying you and all of us get out of MOI very soon.

Tifanni said...

OK-That is so nasty that the builder guy peed in your stall. Didn't they teach them proper bathroom hygeine in jail. Good luck on the barn. Hopefully you don't get another tornado once its finished :)

Brent and Lori said...

Hey, like they say, "one man's stall pee is another man's...."

yeah, I got nothing.