Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

status quo

As is typical, we still have not heard any news about Jerome's file. That means we must still believe that it is in MOI. Richnightder's file has now been out of MOI and into immigration passport printing for slightly over a week now. So it seems we are batting 50/50 and can only hope to hear some good news about Jerome's file soon.

Trying to be an optimist, when I am most certainly a pessimist, Marc and I tried to install the booster seats we bought for the boys. We purchased the Britax Frontier and they are most definetly a solid, safe seat for the boys, especially since they are so tiny for their age. Maybe it is because we haven't put car seats in for a few years, or maybe we are just flipping idiots, but it took us over 2 hours to try and get them to fit per the manufacturer's specifications. The directions appeared simple enough, but once you are in the rear seat with your head smashed into the back of the booster, knee crammed into it as well, and your hands stuffed behind he seat, it doesn't look as easy as the smiling people in the brochure. Now that they are in, we are not moving them at all. I don;t care how silly I look driving around with two empty booster seats. After the FUN of installation, they are staying put.


Kristi said...

This is kind of too little too late but did you know most fire departments will install car seats for you to make sure they are properly installed for safety? Sorry that could have saved you two hours and bruised shins and knees.

Tifanni said...

That is so funny. I seriously remember the car seat agony. We have the boys seats under the house, but we haven't yet begun to try and cram them into the Camry. That ought to be an adventure :)