Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What to do, what to do when the weather outside is frightful??

We have all reached our maximum allotted amount of togetherness. We have been confined to he house for 36 hours and although we still have power and satellite internet, it would sure be nice to get away from the other breathing, annoying members of the family.

The blizzard started yesterday morning and while I got the kids to church for their Christmas play practice, everyone was sent home early due to the horrible weather, zero visibility and drift covered roads. The play should have been this morning, but the entire state is under a civil emergency and no travel is advised.

Besides the snow and hurricane force winds, it is also a little chilly. Currently it is -12F and tonights low is expected to be about -25F. Add in the wind and it feels like -55F. I think we have received about 13 inches of snow, but it is difficult to tell, when the drifts are 6feet tall.

Since we are stuck inside, the house is getting cleaned. Laundry is getting folded and put away. The bathrooms are clean and the floors are getting scrubbed. That said, I have also composed a Christmas letter which will get shoved into our Christmas cards that I intend to mail out as soon as we can get dug out. I also thought I would keep everyone entertained with what will be our CHristmas photo this year. We actually took this picture about 2 weeks ago to send to the boys in Haiti, but figured, good enough....I don't want to repeat that chaos. So no "matching" clothes and nothing Christmassy. Just 4 people and 4 dogs trying to squeeze into one picture and still hold pictures of Richnightder and Jerome.


Tifanni said...

Its nasty here too, but we don't have the wind. Aurrora has an ear infection, its currently up to -7 and we have to drag out the snowblower and the shovels and go plow the driveway-yipee :)

AprilC said...

And you live in North Dakota and WHY?

Kelsen Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! The boys are going to love the snow when they arrive. We are heading to Maine and Joseph prays everynight for lots of snow so we can make a snowman and have snowball fights. I hope it clears up soon sor you!! I remember all to well what those storms were like. :)Merry Christmas!