Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thomas has a major crush

Thomas and I usually have deep, meaningful conversations in the car while driving into town. Yesterday was no exception. He began by telling me what car he plans on buying so he can start dating. Yes, dating.

I reminded him that he is only 10 and that is a smidge young to think of dating. He persisted and informed me that if he had a nice car, he could drive in only 3 years and take a girl out by himself. Sadly, the age to get a drivers license in North Dakota is 13!! No way are my kids going to be driving at that age, but I digress.

I asked him what he would do on a date and he told me he would have the girl come over to our place, take a walk on the prairie, and then cook and serve her dinner downstairs at the bar. While I commended him on his lovely ideas, I continued to point out his too youthful an age to be dating. So I played along with this convo for a while and he continued to offer up very cool dating ideas. He thought it would be fun to take her to dinner and then a movie. Yes, good idea, but what if she is like me, your mother, and whatever restaurant is suggested is not to her liking?? Thomas thought a good solution to that would be to ask her where she ate last week and if she enjoyed it, then maybe that would be a good choice!! Yeah, this from a kid who can't figure out how to adjust the water flow of the faucet if he has already started to brush his teeth. Try to figure that one out??

When Marc and I were dating in the late 80's he was the least romantic, least spontaneous, least impulsive man I could ever imagine. How Thomas has acquired these romantic ideas is beyond me. All I know is that he certainly didn't get it from Marc. He did divulge that he has gotten most of his dating ideas from movies. I was scared to ask what movies, so I just play stupid on that one.

Clara is the object of his desire now. He just showed me a note he wrote her and it is wonderful. He tells her how beautiful and smart she is and that he hopes they can be more than friends?? What that means scares me right now, so I play stupid again. He also told her that she is everything a pretty girl should be and she is also so nice to everyone. He did however point out that he while he would love to take her out, and her girlfriends too if she feels more comfortable, he does not want to paint finger nails or brush hair. I think he has seen what Madi and her friends do when they have sleepovers, but again, I will play stupid. He has a heart of gold and when he is MUCH, MUCH older, he will make some girl a fabulous boyfriend. I love my little boy Thomas, but it appears he is growing up.


Tifanni said...

Wow-Jerome and Thomas are going to have a lot of fun chasing the ladies :)

Walsh Family said...

Oh my goodnes. That is just the cutest thing I've ever heard. I just love him. I'm not Clara, but give him a kiss from my anyway. Love you!

Brent and Lori said...

Oh my word! I'm so glad you wrote all this down. He does seem to be a very sweet young man.

And where does ND get off letting kids (even on farms) drive at THIRTEEN!! Wowza! That's young