Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, December 5, 2008

latest update photos..............because April asked!!

I have been a slacker lately about posting pictures because the new computer is still confounding me. I am aware that makes me sound oh-so-bright, but sadly it is true. I have saved pictures to our pic folder, and when I go to retrieve them, somehow, it says the file doesn't exist. I guess I just need to sit down and figure this new thing out. And yes, I do plan on changing my background to Christmas, but if I drag my feet anymore, I just may have to set it to a spring time background.

So in honor of April's request, here are our boys' pictures. I love them and I think this time I really like Jerome's picture. I think it captures his joy of life. Let's just hope he doesn't enjoy wearing the pirate patch when he is 30. Richnightder finally seems to be coming out of his introspective shell and letting his hair down. He sure looks like he is enjoying a hell of a good belly laugh. Oh, and can someone explain to me why he would wear the patch the middle of his forehead?? The last time I saw him, he did not have a cycloptic eye!!

On to todays absolute chaos, but before I leave, I have a question for all of you in cyberland. Yesterday at homeschool gym, I was sitting with a group of women who are quickly becoming friends. We have a lot in common to include that we all pay the bills and handle the finances forour households. Here's the question: Do all of you who pay the bills actually balance the checkbook or do you just bring the balance down and never really check it's accuracy?? Yes, I confess our concesus was that none of the 5 of us balance the checkbook, including me. I figure my system is working out just fine since I have been doing it for 18 years and have never bounced a check. Thank God for that hefty line of credit attached to the checking account!!


Kristi said...

This should give you a good laugh. I am a banker as you know and I have NEVER balanced my own checkbook or paid a bill. I don't have outstanding warrants for my arrest either so my system (of just letting Nate do it) seems to be working!!On second thought I did pay a few bills while Nate was in the hospital but only because I had to or else the bills would start coming with warnings attached...eek!! But my system was this 1) Get the check book 2) Get ALL the bills 3) Pay all the bills (notice the lack of balancing the checkbook thus far) 4) Do some rough math in my head and figure since I'm the only one not provided with hospital meals I *should* be ok until next week. 5)Nate gets out of the hospital and goes to make sure bills were paid and says "Kristi you just paid the bills ahead for a month or more" 6)Sweet no bills for another month!! YAYY SHOPPING!!!

AprilC said...

I don't balance either :)

Thanks for posting the photos!!!

Tifanni said...

So back before Mike and I were married, I"d pay bills and randomly estimate how much money I had. I figured if you wanted to know exactly-look at the bank statement.
Mike, who is much more particular(anal) then I, has to balence the checkbook down to the penny. If someone takes awhile to deposit a check, it drives him nuts :)

Angela said...

So that is a funny question b/c the other day I went into my bank to get an extra check registry and the banker lady didn't know what that was. I had to actually explain it to her!!! She was young, but come on I thought! I'm not that anal, or that old but I do pay all my bills and keep a check registry to double check everything is clearing. Another reason this is funny b/c we had a whole conversation about it today at lunch. Ger, you and I think way too alike. It might or might not be a good thing...hehe

Kelsen Family said...

Wow, we were just watching a video from when we were in Haiti in July 2007. I can't get over how the boys have grown. What handsome boys you have!!