Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A scholar and a dancer

I swiped the title of this posting from Vicki at Heritage who read our monthly updates before we did. The reports are pretty standard and state that the boys are both growing, eating and sleeping well. Richnightder is an outstanding student and "Asks searching questions during class." He reads and writes and is very attentive. Teacher John loves to have him class. Now for Jerome. Jerome is a very sweet boy who likes to play with everyone and enjoys doing puzzles. It also said he is paying attention to the teacher, but "Would prefer to be dancing."

Teacher John who writes these reports actually wrote in ours that Jeromes transition from the creche to our home will be smooth, but that perhaps we should enroll him in a dance school since he loves to dance soooooooooooooo much. Super! I have no problem with putting him in dance classes, but what I think is freakishly weird is that I now have two sons who are so very similar and yet are an ocean apart from each other.

Thomas was always getting busted in school for singing and dancing during class. Heck, he even got in trouble during the Christmas play because he was dancing on the risers during the songs. So how in the world do I end up with two boys who are both driven to dance and sing at slightly inappropriate times when neither of these children have been produced in my womb. I guess this truly means that these kids were meant for me by a higher power.

I am thinking that when Jerome and Richnightder come home I will have to teach school by wearing tap shoes, a feather boa, and sing show tunes. This could get interesting. Oh, and Tifanni, I will be mailing out this week the coconut top for Aurorra. I finally tore it away from Thomas who has enjoyed wearing it immensly since it was "rediscovered."

Our monthly report....that sounds like I am going to talk about my period, but I am not.....also showed that we are in Archives. I know we are in Second Legal right now, but if I am reading one of Vivian's old post correctly from the forum, then I think we are in the second step of Second Legal. Geez, can that sound anymore confusing?? I think our docs are now in the long phase of second legal where they need to get the actual archive documents and produce them for the judge. I think this is what happens and I hope ours won't be too bad since the docs were created and filed when the boys entered the creche, so hopefully they are in PaP. If anyone has any info on this topic, just let me know.

And I think I found a Sheltie breeder in South Dakota. She has a litter ready to go in a few weeks and I am waiting to find out if I can go and see them, maybe this weekend. Stay tuned.


Kristi said...

Geralyn- I love your boys! They are awesome. What a great report. Take pictures of the puppies when you go see them - I bet they are soooo cute!!!!

Tifanni said...

So I would like to see the picture of school going on with tap shoes and a feather boa. I bet you Peterson would really get into that too :)

geralyn said...

Tifanni, I have a feeling dance lessons may be in your future too with Peterson. Stock up now on dance shoes and boas.

Tifanni said...

Dance shoes and a boa-Mike might get a little too excited and I could seriously injure myself :)