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Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Margaritas!! and a political diatribe

What is better than meeting new women and finding out you have a lot in common???? Finding out that they like gossiping over Margaritas too!!

I can't complain about our North Dakota weather right now. It is beautifully sunny and 74 fantastic degrees. Yippee

I warn you now, if you are a McCain supporter, turn away from my blog now. I am a HUGE Obama mama fan and shudder to think what will happen to our country if the likes of McCain and Palin are elected. First, I would expect the person who is occupying the highest office in our country to know how to send an email. Secondly, I would expect that he would have the brains to choose a next-in-line running mate to be completely competent on world affairs, current events, historical facts and the ins-and -outs of our financial markets and current crisis situation. Her lack of knowledge on many fronts frightens me for the welfare of our country. In the global arena of international politics the United States is a laughing stock. We have been since Bush was elected and then re-elected and our lack of standing in the global arena is shocking. Third, the man does not think quickly or effectively on his feet. I am all too familiar with the early signs of Alzheimer's and dementia and he sure seems to have some of those early, easily dismissable signs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, save your arguments for some place else. This is my blog and I get to be the sole expressor of opinions here. Marc walked with the kids in a Harvest parade last weekend with the Obama group and people heckled the Obama group. One nut job even followed the group, pushing a baby in a stroller yelling that if Obama is elected, her baby would be dead. What?? Are you saying Obama wants your baby dead? No, Obama does want it to be every woman's choice to choose when it involves her body. So yes, there it is I am pro choice.

Now I do not advocate for abortion, but I do recognize that it is still legally every woman's right to choose. Yes I have four adopted children and have been blessed by the choices their birthmother's chose, which gave me the ability to be a mother. But what really twists my cork, is when women say that abortion should be illegal. What do those women think will happen to those babies who are born unwanted and often resented. Yes, we will go back to the days of glory(cough) in our great country when orphanages were a dime a dozen here. Children will be raised in institutions and as all of us adopting from oversees knows, that is less than ideal. I wish all those angry women who loudly protest abortion, would pony up the money, time, effort, and unconditional love to these "unwanted' children. Not everyone is cut out to adopt and love that child as if born to you. So I would like to say, "Hey, if you want to abolish abortion, stand outside an abortion clinc and offer that woman your home phone number, cash and show a substantial savings account for college, etc., and then be there for the delivery and take that newborn home to love endlessly for at least the rest of your earthly life." If you can't do that, then just shut up and let everyone make those tough gut check decisions for themselves.

Oh, and for the record Marc and I have no problem with gay marriage and think it is everyone's constitutional right to marry another human being that they happen to love. So if some of my conservative readers stop reading my blog, so be it, for this is tiny, itsy-bitsy bit of who I am. I love my kids, my husband, and yes, I love the God who made all of us in his image. So why if we are made in his image and likeness are some of you McCain supporters and other assorted politicos so damn condeming of others?


Kristi said...


Sign me up for a nice big margarita!!

Tifanni said...

Can I join the party. I love Obama. In the Missoula homecoming parade, the crowd cheered when the Obama campaign came through. I guess that's the difference between Missoula and North Dakota :)

geralyn said...

Thanks girls!! It took awhile for me to screw up the courage to post my beliefs, but I want people to know my beliefs. Some may not agree or like them, but it doesn't mean we can't accept one another and still be friends.

ND republican said...

Not an Obama fan. What does he really stand for? But Marc and I AGREE to disagree.

Palin Power!!!

geralyn said...

Palin power?? She doesn't have any or any obvious ability to have a coherent discussion. And so why didn't you post your name? I know who you are and thought you would be proud enough of your beliefs to add your name to the comment!! Come on and don't be shy. If Sarah Palin can keep on talking publicly and embarassing not just herself, but the USA, then certainly you can link your name with your beliefs. HEHEHE

ND republican said...

We have to agree to disagree. But Palin has "energized the base" and after her anticipated excellent performance tomorrow night...I expect great things.

geralyn said...

Would that be the same base that is now thinking McCain is crazy for having chosen her? Is it the same base that is not thinking she should step aside in favor of someone else actually competent.

Tifanni said...

Aw C'mon
McCain only picked Palin because she's a women

Kristi said...

PALIN POWER?????? Sorry G - I'm hijacking your comments to be utterly disgusted.

Palin is an embarrassment to women. She is the perfect example of JUST another pretty face. But what's worse is the guy who willingly chose her? Whoa...

Tifanni said...

Kudos to Marc and Geralyn.

I really want to see Obama win the election. Not only because I like him but it would really rock to see my family squirm that the leader of the free world is not white. :)

And really what other choice is there? The Geriatric and the Beauty Queen. Uggg

By the way do all of you know how many houses you own? I only own one, actually in twenty plus years I will own it. McCain is really out of touch with the little guys.

Mike W.

geralyn said...

Um, at last count we will own the grand total of one house in 28 years. WOOHOO. Thanks Mike. I knew we liked you guys for a reason.

Angela said...

You sold your house??? When??? Did you watch the debate? It was actually interesting. I agree with tiffani about our families!!! hehe I really think the beauty queen needs to go back to her energy producing state.
Have a great night!

Rick, Heather, Ashleigh and Addison said...

I'm Heather, Tifanni's cousin and I agree with you! I can't imagine being a Vice Pres and having an infant to take care of! I have enough problems just taking care of my two without having to make really any big decisions and there are days where I think I can't even handle that!