Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me, doing what I do best!

Although Madi and Thomas are still completing last years curriculm, another year of school has just begun. I didn't begin to homeschool Thomas until October 31, and Madi on January 2 and I began each of their academic year anew. So with that in mind, Madison will finish 5th grade about November 1 and Thomas will finish up in late Sept or Oct. We are going to continue to homeschool all year 'round as I think it has worked really well for the kids. Every 20 lessons we take a few days off.

Anyhow, yesterday we met with the homeschool families for the first time and registered for gym with them twice a week. Every Tuesday and Thursday the kids will have P.E. with the other homeschool kids. THere are quite a few other families and kids involved. It seems to be a neat organization with lots of different activities and a different sport every month. This month, the kids could choose from soccer or tennis. Both Madi and Thomas have chosen tennis. I am not looking forward to March however as that is swimming month and I have volunteered to help. Way way, far back in my life, I was a lifeguard and swim instructor. Then i had a swimsuit worthy body, but now, not so much. UGH So I now have a goal and a reason to stick to weight watchers and try to lose these sneaky pounds.

If I were a horse, I would be an "easy keeper." I love to eat! I eat when I am happy, sad, angry, depressed, sick, or well. It is the only area of my life where I seem to consistently be an over-achiever. And it is the one area of life that I wish I could just chill out about. I hate these extra I don't know where they came from?......right! And then to make myself feel better, I hit the cookies. Geez, what a vicious circle. I wish I could have a little of Thomas' eating "problem." Somedays he tells me he just isn't hungry! WHAT!! I didn't ask if you were hungry, all i did was tell him it was dinner time.

Before everyone gets worked up that I am causing him to have an eating disorder, I never make him eat if he is not hungry. But honestly, I think that is weird. I eat because it is fun, social, and tasty. He eats for the altruistic reason of being hungry and needing to give his body energy. How weird is that! So if I could be a little more like my son, I would have Denise Richard's body and be wearing spandex everywhere.

Now if only the other homeschool moms would be in favor of having a Margarita while the kids were exercising I would be in heaven. I will have to work on that and see if I can corrupt a few of the other hagard looking, zombie-eyed moms.
So the picure I posted is me from last year when marc and I went on vacation, sans kids. This shot of me I call " Enjoying every ounce of liquor here on the beach in Grand Cayman." Oh, did I mention Marc and I got NASTY sunburns. Who would have guessed that liquour dulls your pain receptors. Oh, well, back to homeschool. Now that sounds funny!


Tifanni said...

I read somewhere that the average American Women is a size 14, and who wants to be below average :)
Have fun with the homeschool group. Maybe you'd better make them a punch :)

AprilC said...

Geralyn, sounds like you need to go to Hait with me. Did you know that Antoine will buy wine? And our last group had a party night that included singing?