Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Just so you don't get confused, Thomas is the black boy, second row on the right side! :)

Thomas had a big day today.  My oldest son, Thomas, just went to a Taekwondo seminar with about 50 other kids and tested for his orange belt.  He passed the test easily, but for Thomas this is about developing self discipline. 

He has more than enough athletic ability, but it requires Thomas to maintain his focus and perservere when he is struggling.  It instills a sense of respect for elders and those with higher belt colors and allows him to demonstrate good sportsmanship.  His ability to perform under pressure is fantastic and it is building his self-confidence at light speed.  For my son who struggles with some aspects of life, he is working his tiny tushie off to earn respect from others and demonstrate his skill and knowledge of Taekwondo.

In front of roughly 100 people, he was the first to be tested today.  He rose from his spot, addressed the Grand Master with Sir and went thru his steps and kicks perfectly.  Then he broke his board with a front kick on his first try.  Each belt achieved by Thomas is proof that he is working his ass off to develop skills that will translate to helping him with general life skills.  The diligence he shows with  his effort at Taekwondo is admirable and I love him so much for trying.  The success he has had is just icing on my cake!

I am so proud of my son!  Although there are days his behavior and moods drive me flipping nuts, I am so happy, proud, and thrilled that Thomas is my boy!


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Congratulations to Thomas for his hard work paying off!

Patty said...

Great job Thomas! :)

Sarah said...

Way to go, Thomas! That is an awesome achievement!

Kristi said...

That is fantastic! :-) I have considered something like Taekwondo for Javien in the future. I think it would be really could self discipline for him.

Awesome job Thomas!!