Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our foxy new neighbors

We've lived in 5 different houses in our 20 years of marriage.  That equates to 5 different neighborhoods and numerous different neighbors.

 Our first house was picture perfect except for the crazy-jealous man who lived directly behind us.  He had his pathetic wife come to our front door and tell me not to sit in MY OWN BACKYARD and paint my nails since it bothered her husband that I wasn't working.  This same crazy man would always show up at my front door, drunk off his ample butt and threaten me.  I could never figure out how he only ever did this when Marc was out of town.  Hmmmmm, it turned out after Marc's Super Fly/Super Spy agency started checking on this guy and found he had tapped our phone lines.  He had it set up that when our phone rang, it would ring in his house too.  I suppose it helped that the crazy man had once worked for the phone company before being arrested and convicted for rape/harrassment/ terrorizing, etc.  That crazy neighbor ended up spending some time in a free- of- charge housing environment, complete with free meals and a charming roommate named Bubba!!  I'm pretty sure his living arrangements were delightful for him for 78 months!

Our next neighborhood was fantastic.  Great neighbors who I still keep in touch with even after almost 10 years of living away from them.  Wonderful people in a wonderful town.  I really loved Sherwood, Oregon.

Our next neighborhood was in Bismarck, North Dakota where we found a lovely house with a super view of the valley and Missouri River.  That neighborhood had some freaky people.  Given Marc's position with the government, he's a little hesitant to make friends and tell people what he does.  Our nearest next door neighbor just happened to have a daughter the same age as Madison.  That kid was welcome to play at our house, but sadly, we could not permit Madison to go next door as the daddy was not an upstanding citizen and not suprisingly, he is now partaking of free housing and meals for about 120 months. 

When it came time to move from that house, we sold it to some really whacked out, eccentric people.  I knew something was weird with them when they moved into our house without permission 3 days prior to closing.  Their realtor gave them the key and they just started living there without telling us...the owners....!  When I found this out on the morning of closing, I flipped out and I thought the guy was going to punch me.  Later that afternoon at closing, the wife of this freak did look like he had been punching on her.  3 years after we closed on that house, we were killing time in Miami waiting for our flight to Haiti. Marc was reading the online edition of the Bismarck Tribune and showed me the article about some dude here in Bismarck that embezzled almost 8 million dollars from his own company and was about to begin his extended stay in a free housing situation...(Federal Prison), and you guessed was the guy who bought our house!

Now in our current house, we have some maliciously crazy neighbors.  The wife in particular is plain mean and scares me as to what she will do to the kids.  We just can't seem to avoid the nut-job, crazy people even living out here in the middle of nowhere.  However, about 5 days ago some new neighbors showed up and just started living on our property, completely uninvited and unwelcomed.  They are smelly, destructive killers and the boys are scared to go outback near our riding arena.  Marc wanted to call in a 'relocation team' and have them forcibly removed to a more suitable neighborhood, but because I'm a little bit of an animal lover, I've convinced Marc to let them stay for a while.

Our new neighbors are complete foxes.  Like totally!  A mama, papa and 3 baby foxes are living on the edge of our riding arena, technically in our backyard.  They are beautiful animals, but they have dug some serious holes in the field and I'm afraid they will be feasting on our cats soon.  It's neat to see them lying around the opening to their den and watch the kits romp and jump.  I just wish they would do it somewhere else.  I'm feeling pretty upset that once again I have some annoying neighbors that make weird noises at night and are causing me to lose time while I sit at the window and watch their darling antics. 

Watching the foxes play officially makes me Gladys Kravitz.  Kitchen window, binoculars and a beer and I have become the epitome of peeping, nosy neighbors!  I can't get enough of these new neighbors.  Maybe it's because they are so damn foxy.  Fortunately the foxy mama has just had 3 babies so she's not looking her best and I don't have to worry about Marc craning his neck to check her out!

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