Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Pan Am.........

Or in the modern times, " Hello American Airlines.  I want a one-way ticket anywhere."  I know in just 33 days or so, I will be flying out of this frozen, snow-covered tundra for the balmy, palm-tree lined streets of Orlando, but I'm contemplating just buying a one way ticket.  I don't know if it counts as running away if I just don't come home; it's merely refusing to return to my normally scheduled life.  The other 63 women who are going on this lifesaving retreat will be my lifeline and support to keep on swimming. 

I think there's been a little too much togetherness lately around the Laurie household.  The weather has contributed to our shut in status.  Our high temps have hovered in the 5 below zero range which means Jerome will not even go near the open door when the dogs go out to do their business.  He stands back and looks horrified.  Madison goes out to do her evening chores of feeding the horses and Richnigthhder tags along with Madi to water the horses.  He doesn't seem to mind the cold and is a real little trooper in doing the hard chore of carrying water buckets to their stalls in brutally cold weather.  Thomas is actually the only one that bundles up to go out and play.  That means that for a large portion of my waking hours, the kids are in the house, picking fights with each other just to stay entertained while I cower in the corner knitting a rope to hang myself with.

Yes, mama told me there would be DAYS like this, not MONTHS!  And yet, even after having written all the woes that are my daily life, I still find myself massively baby craving.  Oh dear God, someone slip me a roofie, because I AM losing my mind.   


Lisa said...

I had to post some funnies on my blog today. A pick me up for the Monday Homeschool blues. :)

Hang in there....we're almost there. :D

Angela :-) said...

Ya know, I've been baby-craving lately, too. What's with that?

Angela :-)