Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whata man, whata man, whata mighty fine man..yes he is!

Early in December I went my P.E.O. Christmas party and received a bottle of Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction body lotion.  I've used it and like the scent and the silky feel of it on my dry, withered hands. 

Last week, Marc began using it on his hands and feet seeing as I had run out of Jergens.  The first day he went to work after using it, a couple of the guys commented on how good he smelled.  WTF?  This is a group of muy macho guys all gun toting, handcuff bearing dudes and they have the time or dare I say, sensitivity to comment on how another guy smells??  Marc told them he was wearing my VS Pure Seduction cream and that's when the story gets really creepy.  The past several days they all walk past his office, stop, and sniff him.  It appears they all REALLLLLLLY enjoy the way he wears his hand cream. 'Nuf said!

Tonight as Marc breezed into the house, he came sporting a Victoria's Secret bag.  He looked pleased with himself and when I looked inside I found another bottle of the super duper cream.  Of course what woman doesn't want to see her beloved husband walk in the door bearing gifts, but I had to question to myself, whether it's really for me or him.  Gosh, we wouldn't want those guys to be deprived of the sweet smelling scent of pure seduction on my man.  Nonetheless, I love the fact Marc took time out of his busy day to go shopping for me.  Now I've got to run and hide the bottle before he uses it all up on his rough, calloused hands, elbows and feet.  Golly, we wouldn't want those men feeling out of sorts before a search warrant.


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Hilarious! :)

Tifanni said...

But I'm sure he smells so much better then Eau De Tractor that everyone else is wearing :)