Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is prostitution really a sin if you do it to pay for your kids dental work?

A couple weeks ago, the kids were asked by their Orthodontic's group to be models for their new business campaign.  Their pictures will appear in print, billboards, tv, and on the sides of buses.  Yesterday was their photo shoot and from my side of the room, it looked OH-SO-CUTE.  He shot them individually and then together, which was a little worrisome to me since they had to put their cheeks together without slugging the hell out of the other.

I'll get to see the pictures before they go to print, but for as beautiful and gorgeous as Madison is, Thomas has a natural presence in front of the camera.  His smile lights up the room and he can display any emotion with his face that is asked of him.  He just may have found an outlet for his extremly expressive personality.  Madison was asked to give a belly laugh for the camera and Thomas helped her out by playing Austin Powers and dancing.  He was hilarious!  Madison wore a purple tank top and a denim jacket in some pics and a salmon colored shirt in the others.  The colors were beautiful on her and her skin coloring is perfectly creamy and delicious.

Need I say that they both have GORGEOUS teeth.  Thomas is set to get his braces off next month on the 23rd and Madison still has a couple months.  Yesterday before the photo shoot,  both kids had check-ups at the orthodontist.  I was kicked in the belly when the ortho informed me that Madison has two impacted lower wisdom teeth that will need extraction sometime around 17 or 18.  WTF???  We put these expensive braces on the kid to make a gorgeous smile and then, BAM!  He tells me not to plan any expensive vacations in the future as she'll need expensive oral surgery.  Let me tell you, I am one lucky mama. 

Jerome will be heading to a pediatric dentist in Fargo because he is going to need some extensive dental work in the future.  Seems that the disease he was exposed to in utero by his birthmother caused him to have  permanent teeth with weak roots and horribly mishapened, pitted surfaces.  Oh, how lucky are we? 

We have great health insurance, but our dental sucks.  I just may have to become a prostitute to pay for my kids dental work.  Now, where can I find blind men willing to pay for services from this hottie?


Lisa said...

I may have to do the same cause it's not looking pretty here. :(

My johns must be blind and have no hands so they won't feel the fat rolls. :D

Kristi said...

No I don't think it is a sin. :-) LOL Sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. I think you should wait until summer since hiking up your pants to reveal long johns and wool socks might not get you much "business" - LOL

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Mixed bag here for sure. It is SO COOL your kids were asked to model! But SO SUCKY to have to pay for more work instead of going to college or having shoes.... ever again. Blegh. I don't know anyone who has good dental insurance. I just try to not look at Genea's teeth coming in practically sideways.