Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Orlando, I need you!

Today was a snotty day.  School actually went well.  Work was completed and everyone was happy to head to gym.  It was once we arrived at the gym that it all went in the crapper.

Thomas was shooting hoops waiting for class to start and Madison was pot-stirring as only she can do.  Thomas got tired of her so he threw the ball at her and it knicked her arm.  She chased him down, grabbed him by his skinny bird arms and swung him around and threw him into the dividing net/wall thingymabob.  As she stormed towards me I told her if she uttered one complaint, we were heading home.  I told her again as she got closer and then, BAM, she opened her mouth and out came the complaints. 

I stood up, called the boys to the bench and handed them each their coats and told them we were leaving because of Madison's behavior.  She walked out of the gym with tears in her eyes, LOUDLY proclaiming that I am the one with the problem and screaming how mean I am.  Mind you, this was all in a public forum and she embarassed the hell out of herself...and me. 

How can she act in such an immature manner?  How is she capable of being so utterly perfect one moment and the next nothing but a self-centered, vidictive girl?  She is capable of such great and wonderful thoughts, deeds and actions that when this 'thing' comes out, I am hurt.  Intellectually I know she is a 13 year old girl, but her words and actions still wound.

I expect this kind of unpredictable behavior from my one son that struggles, but from her, it's just painful.  How can my beautiful, smart, engaging, sweetheart spew such nastiness?  At this rate, I'll take the boys and their antics 10x's over.  Ms. Happy Pants...AKA, Gladys is out in the barn shoveling frozen horse crap now in a last ditch effort to dig herself out of the crap hole she has gotten herself into.  Hmmm, funny how that has a Karma-like twist to it, eh?

Now onto the exciting, E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G news.  Kristi is going to Orlando!!!!!!!!  Yep, Kristi from  is heading to Orlando too.  Kristi and I have known each other since, well, before we even met.  See, I met one of her sons before she did and had the privilege of giving him some treasured gifts from his momma and daddy.  We finally met in person on Father's Day in Miami in 2008 and traveled to Haiti together to visit our kids at the creche.  I last saw Kristi in Kalispell in October and it was so neat to see all of our kids and the Watkins kids together in one place, healthy, happy and safe.  I can't wait to introduce Kristi to Sarah from and Angela who happens to live here in town with me, but I NEVER get to see.  Her blog is .

Girls, get your party hats out and if you happen to have a big purple jug with your name on it for LARGE beverages....bring it!  42 days and counting!


Kristi said...

I feel your pain I really really do. It's tough to get unexpected totally irrelevant behavior from the one SINGLE child you did not expect it to come from. Your dear daughter had a moment and hopefully will never have another...ahhh haha ha ha - yeah right. :-)

Kristi said...

Oh and umm speak to me about the big purple jug...and why do I NOT have one.

Sarah said...

Horror-mones, my dear :( Not fun for anyone. Sorry you had such a shitty day!

Can't wait to meet Kristi! How much fun is this going to be?!?

Kristi, you can find the giant purple mug backstory here:

Love you, G!

Angela :-) said...

Call me on those days, woman!

Angela :-)