Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better than a stamped visa in their passports

My friend Dominique has been at the creche for 8 days or so now, resolving a little glitch with her son's visa issuance, which by the way has been resolved, but I digress. She has gotten a hold of me by phone once or twice, but only when she is at the transition house in PaP. The creche is slightly remote and she has not been able to get cell phone reception there no matter how many times she has tried.

About an hour ago our phone rang, and Marc answered it knowing from caller ID that it was Dominique. He kept saying hello, but could hear other people on the line. Finally he handed it to me and as I said hello, I could hear Dominique telling Richnightder that it was his mama.....ME! Turns out she had let Richnightder play with her phone since there was no reception there and he somehow dialed our number and as Marc answered it, Richnihgtder ran to Dominique yelling, 'papa!" We got to talk to our sweet boys and even Thomas got to say hi to Jerome. This was the best, best, best suprise ever and I can't thank D for letting the boys play with her phone. And whatever stars aligned just so it was the neatest coincidence I have ever experienced. Boy, do I owe Dominique a large cocktail when we meet.

Thursday is quickly approaching and I can't wait to hold my boys. They both clearly understand that they will be leaving in a matter of days and I am just as excited as they must be. I always thought the best suprise I have ever gotten was in a little blue box with Tiffany and Co. on the and a wonderfully shiny diamond ring inside, but today's phone call takes the cake. AHHHH, I am so in love with all of my kids.


The Bergstedt's said...

That is AMAZING! How wonderful.

Tifanni said...

Oh my gosh-That's awesome :)