Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, April 10, 2009

sort of, kind of, not really an update from USCIS, but still something

We have received two emails from USCIS in PaP. The first one requested that we send them via email, copies of our passports with entry and exit stamps from Haiti. I know this had been submitted with our immigration packet, but whatever, we can send them again. Then they emailed again, almost immediately thanking us for our prompt attention. The senator's office also received an update on our files and shared with Marc that our files should be out of USCIS next week and then passed on to the consular.

The emails have left us hanging until at least Monday as the embassy is closed today for Good Friday. I am in such a paranoid state right now and fear that so many things could still go wrong that would prevent us from bringing our boys home, that I am interpreting every last word in the emails from USCIS. The last email thanking us for our prompt attention, ended with "We will let you know once your case is approved." I am hoping that it was not just boiler-plate lingo, but in fact, the truth; that our files are heading for approval shortly. The ending of the email was meant to be pleasant, but since we are in a state of limbo was actually depressing. They ended it with "Happy Easter." UGH

I am in a chronic paranoid state these last two weeks. I just want my boys to come home and this waiting and wondering to be behind us. As usual, the wait continues.


Tifanni said...

Its gonna happen-yeah :)

Jenn said...

Oh, I hope you get some good news this week!

Sarah & Crew said...

Geralyn, I think this is a very positive sign. We have only received extremely generic emails that always end with 'regards.' And they have NEVER proactively asked us for paperwork and then thanked us for it. We are always sent some official "here's another loophole, give it to your orphanage" type of thing. But to get your email and a thank you? Very good things are headed your way! :)

Can I ask about your senator's involvement? We've been at odds with USCIS since late December. My email address is


small town girl said...

That sounds positive to me. I got a similar email the first week of March and then...unknowing to fingerprints expired! I was resigned to months of waiting, and like you, very paranoid. I got my finger prints redone, scanned the finished document and sent it to USCIS. They emailed me and thanked me, then asked for copies of my passport etc (which I had submitted but oh well) the same day they approved me! That was 3 weeks ago as of tomorrow! Two weeks later to the day (last Tuesday) our Visas were approved and Thursday I go to Haiti to get my girls! Sounds to me like you are almost there!