Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rural living in an industrial zone

We bought our house and 40 acres for the peace and serenity it offered.  We live approximately 25 miles Northeast of Bismarck and specifically chose to live further out from the city to avoid urban sprawl, city lights and noise.  Well guess what?  For 2 years we have been fighting unsuccessfully to prevent an energy company from placing 66, 300feet tall industrial wind turbines on property that adjoins ours.

These looming towers will be placed approximately 1750 feet from our back door.  For those of you who don't know what these monsters look like, go to this  These people have been living with and dealing with the effects of turbines for several years.  Our county commissioners are well aware of the data, to include the United Nations recommendations that wind turbines be place at least 2 kilometers from an inhabited structure, but for some unknown (GREED) reason, they have chose to force these turbines upon the residents of our township.  Oddly enough, the commissioners are aware that 2/3 of the residents of our township DO NOT want these, yet they are forcing the will of the minority on the majority. 

The property where the turbines will be placed so closely to our home is actually owned by someone who live 6 miles away.  He has stated that he doesn't want to see the turbines or hear I guess that means it's ok for them to impact our life and re-sale potential.

Multiple studies have shown that turbines located within 1 mile of residences reduces re-sale value by 30-50%.  That's logical.  Who will buy our house with the looming turbines, blinking lights, shadow flicker and constant whooshing, pulsating sound?  NO ONE is the answer.

In our last ditch effort to draw attention to our predicament, NBC did a story on our family.  Here's the link  We've been dealing with this for 2 years and it appears we have exhausted all avenues to prevent these industrial wind towers from being just outside our back door.  If we had known 5 years ago that we would live in the middle of nowhere and be forced to live in the middle of an industrial zone, we obviously never would have purchased this home.  Burleigh County Commissioners have chose to side with NextEra and sell out for the almighty buck......even though the majority of us DO NOT WANT THEM! 

I'm seething with anger and broken-hearted to know that our quiet, peaceful enjoyment of our property will soon be taken from us.  The view out my back door will forever be altered and we will be forced to live with it.  We've done our best in life to provide for our kids and give them a quality of life we find enjoyable and through no fault of ours, it's being stolen.  I guess this is how Democracy works in Burleigh County, North Dakota!

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

Oh, ick! I am so sorry for you! We have LOTS of those monstrosities in the rural areas south of Green Bay, and I've read enough to know I'd never want to live anywhere near them. I guess that's one benefit to me still living in the city - there's no room for these things next door!