Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the orthopedist we go

Thomas has been complaining of his right knee hurting for about 2 weeks.  Twice now, his knee has given out and he has fallen while walking down the stairs.  Yesterday at soccer, he stopped playing to rest it and then continue on.

Thomas has a fairly high tolerance for pain.  He's just plum stoic.  I took him to the doctor's office today after we finished school.  Since we didn't make an appointment with our pediatrician, as a walk-in, you see the pediatrician on call.  She's a nice, YOUNG gal and gave Thomas a thorough going-over.  He actually exhibited pain when she flexed the knee and twisted it.  Ah ha!

Off we went to x-ray.  I just got the phone call that as expected, the x-rays were fine.  Now we see an orthopedist on Tuesday.  He'll schedule an MRI and it looks like Thomas may have a partial tear of his anterior cruciate and/or blown his meniscus. 

He has been told to stay very INACTIVE and not move around much until then.  Great!  How do I keep a kid in constant motion, quiet and still?  He's on some anti inflammatories and Motrin 24 hours a day now and I can only hope that he just has some soft tissue tears like muscles that don't require surgical correction. 

And to make my day just a little more interesting, I woke up with my first ever eyelid stye.  It's on my lower right eyelid and I look a little dopey and maybe even a little like a battered woman.  I can only hope the swelling goes away before I have to take Thomas to the doctor's next week.  What a pair we'll make.  One limpy, gimpy kid and his mom with a puffed up, red eyelid!~

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