Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Date night

Marc and I escaped for a few hours last night.  We left Madison at home, in charge of all of her brothers.  She made homemade Macaroni and Cheese for dinner and scotcharoos for dessert.  Given her dominatrix type personality, it wasn't hard for her to force her 3 brothers into cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes.  Hey, I really don't care how she did it.  All I know is I came home to a clean kitchen.

We went to see 'The Help' and it was an emotionally moving movie.  I do think the book was better, but I think everyone always feels that way.  Marc even got teary at a couple places in the movie although I don't think he'll publicly admit it. After the movies we headed to Applebee's for dinner.

The nano-second we sat down, my phone started to ring.  The first call was from Madison in hysterics trying to explain that Thomas had seen a skunk in our garage and he had gone outside to chase it down with his bb gun.  Marc calmed that situation down and explained to Thomas that chasing a skunk is never, ever a good thought for a bunch of different reasons.

The phone rang again with a happy voice explaining that the package from  had just arrived.  I bought the boys new winter coats and Madison a pair of clogs like mine and everyone was thrilled and happy!  Score one for mama!  And just so you know, clothes from Hanna Andersson are exceptionally well made and last Forever!

The third call was Richnigthder complaining that Madison is working him like a dog.  She had him clean a bathroom, sweep and feed the dogs.  Life as a dictator must be taxing for Madison and oppressive for her minions!

The final phone call was from Thomas informing us that one of the Rottweilers had just spent an hour or so barfing on our bed.  Naturally we asked why he hadn't taken the dog outside when he realized she was hurling and he emphatically told us, "Because you told us to keep the dogs inside while you're gone."  The one time he follows directions and it has to be this time? 

Sensing the fun of our date alone had reach it's maximum, we headed for home to deal with skunks and barf.  Indeed the dog had barfed on our bed.  She barfed up one of Marc's socks, a partial cow hoof and what appears to be several crayola crayons....or so the wrappers denote!

The skunk left behind a signature scent but we haven't seen his Pepe LePew butt and it better stay that way.  I don't know if we can handle another date anytime soon.  It's just too damn stressful to deal with the chaos thru the phone.

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