Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You like floppy lo's, don't you?

Gucci and Carlos under a yellow clover plant watching the action.

Carlos watched from under my chair with his head on my feet!

Marc is STILL home on 'vacation' slaving away building our 2000 feet of fencing. The front of our place is done and looks beyond wow, and now he is working on enclosing the riding arena and back side of our place. He has had mechanical failure after failure with the machine he rented to dig the post holes and this has frustrated him and slowed his progress.

The machine he rented is called a in, "The Dingo ate my baby." Anyhow he has been working from sun-up to sundown on this little project and besides my supervising his progress, I have been making meals and snacks at regular intervals for him. The other night I was running out of ideas and made a huge batch of sloppy Joe's.

I left the dinner simmering on the stove and went out to fetch Marc and the kids, happily announcing that hot food was now ready. Jerome asked what was for dinner and I told him sloppy Joes. He turned and looked at me and asked with a straight face, "I like floppy lo's don't I?" OMG, this kid makes me laugh all the time. From now on in our household, we will forever more refer to sloppy joe's as Floppy Lo's!~

Madison spent the morning babysitting a friends almost 2 year old daughter. After I dropped Madi off, I came home and commenced with my supervisory duties with the fence building which entails that I drag out our camping chair, sunglasses, gatorade and drive out to the field where Marc is laboring. I had my phone with me and happened to snap some cute pics of our Shelties, Gucci and Carlos. They help supervise construction too!

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