Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

small annoyances

I took 2 Benadryl's last night before bed since I was itchy, watery and plain miserable with my grass pollen allergies. I fell asleep, deeply asleep fairly quickly and it was a delightful sleep until....

The thunderstorm rolled thru about 3:30AM. It wasn't a large or violent storm. Just a lot of lightening and some big booms of thunder. Really, it was a small storm compared to some that have damaged our house before. None of the kids woke up, nor the dogs. Neither did Marc or I awaken from the storm. But there were two small things that did wake up during the storm and kept Marc and I awake for the duration. Cochon and Bacon, are two sweet little guinea pigs seem to have a fear of thunder storms. They woke up and screeched and growled and eecked for a solid hour. Those little buggers were soooo loud and annoying and yet Marc and I were the only ones to hear them. Their cage is in the little boys room and their pathetic screeches from fear were beyond annoying. Richnigthder and Jerome are able to sleep thru an atomic detonation due to their years in an orphanage. Nothing rouses them from their slumber.

But those damn little guinea pigs were a huge pain in the butt. We are supposed to have some severe storms tonight and I think I might have to move Cochon and Bacon downstairs to the family room in an attempt to buffer them from the storm and so we can't hear their small, but hugely annoying whines. Damn guinea pigs.............and yet I kind of love them....annoyances and all!


Kristi said...

A cat that needs an inhaler, guinea pigs who need a sedative...what's next I wonder? :-)

Tifanni said...

or you could give the guinea pigs the benadryll :)

Corey said...


I have a dog that is terrified of storms.. I seriously want to kill him every time. I mean, yes, I feel bad for him, but.. NOT THAT BAD!

I would feel even less bad for a *&@^$^ guinea pig. They would be sleeping in the car.