Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lake Geneva here we come

Friday we leave for a weekend camp with other families that have adopted children from Haiti. Our boys will get to visit with two other kids who came home to the states from the same creche as our boys. They haven't seen these kids for about 2 years, so it should be fun to watch them re-acquiant themselves.

I also get to meet Sarah from who I have spoken to on the phone a couple times, but have yet to meet IRL. She will be bringing her boy crew with her and most importantly, two hand-decorated insulated travel mugs. Why you ask, would the travel mugs be so important? Well, you see, the camp we will be at does NOT allow beverages of the adult variety, so in her clever and creative way, she came up with the idea of disguising our drinks in some sequined and glittered travel mugs. Trust me, I can't wait to meet her and her creative handiwork. We plan on having a drinky-poo and a lot of laughs!

I also look forward to sharing some of the stories that only fellow adoptive parents 'get'. We waited endlessly for these kids to come home to us and prayed incessantly for their safety and well-being, but yet when they eventually do come home, they sometimes bring stories of sadness and heart-ache that lingers in my heart. While my kids have not exhibited RAD behaviors, what they have displayed have been remarkable senses of humor and senses of resilience. They have lived through things we can't wrap our minds around and still, after 15 months home, they still share stories of things that they experienced. Often these stories are warm memories of Richnigthder and his birth family and sometimes they are stories of lonliness and waiting for a forever home.

Enough of the sad stuff! We are outta here on Friday and return Sunday night. I just hope I get to take my personalized travel mug with me for covert use here at home.

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Tifanni said...

I don't think the coffee cups are too secret anymore. Lets hope the drink police doesn't read your blog :)
Seriously, have a great and safe trip :)