Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Monday, June 21, 2010

I am really that unusual?

Several times in the last few weeks, I've had people assume that I have grandchildren. How can this happen. Yes, I'm 44, but I still feel, and probably act, as though I am in my immature 20's. I also understand that I have gained some weight and may appear to be close to 40, but why on earth do people assume that if you are in your 40's you must be a grandparent.

I was at the store the other day buying super cute outfits for a friend who is having twins (a boy and a girl) and the sales lady commented on how cute they were and I agreed. Then she asked me if they were for my grandkids!!! I felt an animalistic urge to choke her with one hand, while slapping her with the other. I politely informed her that i have 4 kids, with the oldest being 13 and the youngest, a mere 6 years old. She honestly looked horrified.

So I ask you, is it completely unrealistic to think that I can be a mom to such 'young' kids and still be in my 40's? Hell, Marc is 50 and it seems to be cool for a guy to have little kids. Guys rib him about getting a late start, but how they are keeping him young and fit. But me??? No I get that at my advanced age, I should be rocking on the porch swing, looking at retirement home pamphlets, just waiting with baited breathe for my grandkids to come visit.

I do believe this may be yet another example of a double standard. Men appear to get wiser, sexier and wealthier with age, and women seem to get feeble-minded, tube sock boobies, and coounting the minutes till the mailman delivers the social security check. Of course, I do fantasize about the day my littlest one finally leaves for college and Marc and I can just enjoy being with each other again. But that is still 12 years away so until then, I'll take my geritol, dye my hair and keep running after the kids.


Tifanni said...

People are so rude. You guys look great, and I would never think of you as grandparents. Seriously, you can't be a grandma until you start getting the grandma perm, and maybe if folks in ND weren't having children at 15, then 40 wouldn't seem like a grandma age :)

dorothy said...

Ha! Dorothy here from Urbanservant...try being 42 and telling people you have 11 kids between 6 months and 14 years. Many of then seem to think I need a birth control lecture...and assume I am either Mormon or Catholic...and obviously need outside help with this whole kid thing. :)