Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Rainbow Bridge

Last Thursday was a very sad day here in our home. We lost our sweet Pebbles to cancer and gently released her to be free of her pain and run and play just over the Rainbow Bridge. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August of 2009 and had we not chosen chemo, she would have been dead in about 30 days. With Chemo, she lived an outstanding 9 months of good, happy days.

Chemo is an odd beast in dogs. It rarely causes adverse reactions like humans experience; no hair loss, loss of appetite, lethargy...nada. Everyday, with the exception of the last 2 were all good, normal days for her. The day before we put her to sleep, she didn't want to get up and go the barn with me, not play and chase her toys. She looked tired and sad. On Thursday morning the entire family brought her to the vet clinic where her regular vet was there waiting for us. Pebbles slowly walked to Shawna, the vet, lifted her hand with her head and waited for her lovin'. She curled up on the floor as we all sat around her stroking her and as the needle slowly dispensed the cursed pink liquid thru her vein, her head slumped forward between her front feet and she simply stopped breathing. The kids were all VERY upset as were Marc and I, but we knew it was the final act of kindness.

Pebbles has been cremated and will rest next to the other dogs we have loved and lost before. Quite honestly, that shelf is getting rather full. The vets sent a lovely condolence card and quite to our suprise a lovely paw print of Pebbles massive feet. That will be treasured and placed in our china cabinet so we can always see it and remember how fortunate we were to have a dog that everyone loved and to forever have her massive paw prints embedded in our hearts.

RIP my dear Pebbles. You remain loved and lost every moment of every day!

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Laurie said...

RIP Pebbles. That is such a hard decision to make, but ultimately it is an act of kindness. I have sat bawling in the vets office more than once. I know there must be a piece of your heart missing without her.