Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

the crockpot is my new best friend

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would be writing about the wonders on my crockpot. I've had the damn thing for 20 years, have usued it once in a great while, and now today, I think this thing is the best invention since the KitchenAid mixer.

Tonight Madison MUST attend Maundy Thursday mass at church. It's part of her confirmation program and since she must be there, the whole damn family is going. In anticipation of this, I got out the crockpot and threw in some frozen round steak with onion soup mix and cream of celery soup. OMG, the smell of it cooking right now is delicious. All I have to do yet is throw some rice into the rice cooker and steam some green beans and Voila, dinner.

Who would have thought that this obscure kitchen appliance that has merely occupied space above my refrigerator actually serves such a useful purpose? I just might have to use this thing more often! It should have been called the "Just throw it all in and walk away" cooker. Whoever invented this thing is a friggin genius. Or it could be that I am just a slow learner and haven't seen the beauty of this thing before as it laid dormant in the cabinet under a layer of dust?


Walsh Family said...

I love my crockpot too! And I make the exact same meal. Well chicken usually but the onion soup mix and cream of whatever-I-have-on-hand soup is a great combination. Plus I always feel so domestic when Morgan comes home and the house is all good smelling and I can be all "why yes I am a domestic diva".

Best of all, my crockpot was$9.97 at the Montgomery Ward's going out of business sale, like 10 years ago. Best damn $10 i ever spent.

Tifanni said...

Wow-I just thought that you used that thing at Christmas parties to keep the cider hot. Hmm-I might have to fill Mike in on that one :)

small town girl said...

Oh, I LOVE my crockpot, and I do mean LOVE that thing! Don't want to live without one!

Sarah & Crew said...

A coworker of mine introduced me to the wonders of the crockpot about 10 years ago. She had three--3!-- and would rotate them. One cooking, one in the fridge to hold the thawing meat, and one soaking so it was easier to clean.

I never took it that far, but Wednesday's are crockpot days around here. We have activities from 2:30 straight through to 6, and then I need to get my munchkins in bed asap after dinner because I am NOT going to miss Modern Family! So the crockpot lets me have dinner on the table by 6:05 and kids in the bath by 6:40. Love it!

carolyne b said...

Got to love crockpots. found your blog from Lori's in Utah. If you want a great recipe for Beef on a Bun which is easy, cheep and a great hit send me a email.
yep I live in Canada!

angela said...

we received a crockpot at our wedding nearly 20 years ago. 1) its about the only thing left from the gifts of the day, and 2) its been going nearly non-stop ever since -- we finally traded up a year ago (of course this may speak mostly to our legendary cheapness-lol!!). gotta love the crock.