Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Ya gotta smell good for the ladies

Something has happened to Thomas of late. Seems he is beginning to enjoy being clean and not being a totally gross, smelly little boy. Soap used to be his biggest arch-rival, right up there with shampoo. He hated taking a bath/shower and would find any excuse in the book to avoid the daily rigors of getting clean.

Today he has taken a shower after playing outside of his own free will. After his shower I caught him shaving, even though he hasn't a whisker in sight, and then spraying on some deoderant. Thomas literally strutted up to me, posed himself in a pimp-daddy stance and asked me if I could smell his "Scent?" I had a hard time looking at my 11 year old son without busting out laughing. This can not be the same kid that just last week didn't see the need to take a bath after playing in the rain soaked horse manure. Richnigthder and Jerome walked in about this time and Tom asked them if they could smell him and his deoderant. They would have had to be dead to NOT be able to smell him. He had so much on it filled the whole house. My little boy cocked his head and looked at Rich and Jerome and told them, "Ya gotta smell good for the ladies!" Richnightder actually took this advice to heart, and my sweet little Jerome added the icing on the cake when he flitted off saying he doesn't want to smell good for the ladies....he wants to be a lady!

Never a dull moment!


Walsh Family said...

God, I love your stories! Next time you need to get that on video!

Tifanni said...

Is that Thomas's secret to wooing my daughter :)