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Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's the worst gift you've ever received??

Since my last post, I have realized just how many people out there totally suck at giving gifts that the recipient actually wants or would fancy getting. So, after recalling some of the worst gifts I have ever gotten, I thought I would share a few of the winners.

Marc and I were married in November of 1990 and less than a month later, we celebrated our first Christmas as newlyweds. From my MIL, I got a handmade turtleneck flannel nightgown. SEXY!! When I opened the package, Marc blurts out that his mom had one "Just like that!!" She also gave me a collection of Marc's favorite meals and their recipes. Yeah, like that was going to happen. That same sucky Christmas, Marc gave me a grease splatter cover for my new frying pan. WHOOPEE!! Talk about striking out.

Our first Valentine's Day together, Marc was out of town for work for 3 1/2 months and he must have forgotten, so he sent me a Hershey bar. Not even a king size one, just one from the checkout lane. He has taken a few years of training, but now he is a super gift-giver and stops periodically to buy me flowers or buy me something special. But man, those early years, he sucked.

I will have to interject here that the best gift I have ever been given was when Marc bought me my beloved Quarter Horse, Tommy. We saw him at a show and I commented to our trainer how super that horse looked and she thought he might be for sale. I took a test ride on him, and fell in love. Marc secretly brokered the deal and bought me the horse. I couldn't believe it when he told me the horse was being brought up to Oregon and was all mine. He has proven to be a wonderful, wonderful horse with exceptional talent in Reining and will hopefully take Madison now to the world show and a possible top ten placing. I have never been more suprised in my life and I love that horse in a special way.

Another year from my MIL I got, no joke here, a bar of soap. Now this wasn't just any 'ol bar of soap, but one that you could see the toy inside, so if you washed your hands frequently, eventually the toy pony would be revealed and provide hours of play.

So I want to hear from all of you mumu wearing hot women out there, some of the worst gifts you have ever gotten. I want to know that others have gotten equally bad or worse gifts than I have. Please don't make me feel alone here.......come on ladies share your stories!!


Maggie said...

One year, we drew names for a gift exchange in my husband's family. My MIL had my name, and I received a set of fabric wall hangings for the kitchen...pretty kitchen design, in round frames, pretty trim...and blue. My kitchen was yellow and green. (I'm dating myself here!) All of my SIL's had blue kitchens, but mine was yellow.
That same year, she gave each grandchild socks. Apparently, she brought a few packages of socks, and divvied them up between the kids. The ones my boys got were the wrong sizes...but their dad could wear them!
I think that might have been the last year we did individual gifts in that family!

Angela said...

One year I received a pepperoni wreath. It was a giant stick of pepperoni about 3 inches wide rolled into a round shape with a bow on it. The was awesome~!

Tifanni said...

Oh my gosh, Who knew that the divied up package of socks was such a hot ticket item. I've also recieved those, except they are funky grandma patterned socks. The same gal gave me a denim cowboy hat. Now I hate hats, but especially a denim cowboy hat-Welcome back 1970 :)

Kelsen Family said...

Well, I'll have to think about my worst, but I was cracking up about the Hershey bar. My husband would forget and just bring me to the store and ask me to pick out the candy I wanted. So unromantic. (this was 15 years or more ago.. I stopped that quick)