Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Monday, October 13, 2008

Richnightder is 6 years old October 14th.

It is utterly inconceivable that one of my sweet, handsome bright boys will be 6 years old tomorrow, Oct. 14th 2008. I am so sad that another birthday will pass without him here at home with his family. A peice of my heart is left in Haiti and I only wish that my little fellow could understand just how much he is loved and the hole that is left in our hearts without him with us.

To you, my beautiful Richnightder, a hope and a prayer that you feel our love across the ocean and will always know how much you are treasured by your mom and dad. You have so many wonderful and unique gifts to share with this world, that I just know God has something special planned for you.

A special thank you to Beth for taking Richnightder his birthday gift on the next trip to the creche next Monday. Make sure you whisper in his ear that his mom and dad love him more than he could ever imagine.


BethPie said...

G, I can't wait to deliver it for you!! And I will give him your sweet message, too. :o)

Tifanni said...

I"m so sorry Geralyn. Peterson and Alder's birthday is in January and February, so I moped around here for two months. Holidays and birthdays suck when your kids aren't there. Hopefully Jerome will be home for his birthday, and you guys can have a rip rouring bash :)