Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, October 10, 2008

of course I can't drive a tractor and other stupid questions

There are some weeks I realize you just shouldn't get out of bed. The roofers came and I have been joking that being such sharp-dressed men and looking so well rounded, that they are probably all on work release from jail. Well, gee I was right. Yesterday I was outside with one of our horses at about 8:30 AM because she had spent the previous evening at the vets due to colic, when the roofers began to arrive. One shouted loudly to the other guy about how he was enjoying his "vacation." The guy responded with, "Well, they only give you a snack if you are out all day and then you have to be up and out by 7:30AM. Who would have thought that part-time jail was so inconvenient?

So having solved the not to difficult mystery of whether or not the roofers were convicts, I tried to squeeze in a little education for the kids while nursing the still under-the- weather pony. Lolly doesn't seem to want to drink water right now, which is not uncommon due to our first major seasonal change of cold and snow. She has a small impaction in her pelvic flexion which is just fancy talk for "Hey, my stupid pony didn't consume enough water and all the hay dried out in her intestines and stopped moving thru to the exit." Every couple hours I mix up a lovely batch of dried beet pulp, lots of salt, water and corn syrup and slop it out to Lolly. She begrudgingly eats it as we are with holding hay until she starts to poop normal turds and not dried up goat turds. My whole life seems to revolve around crap. HMMM, a trend here??

In the midst of listening to heavy metal rock from my roof, the constant checking on the horse and school, I get a phone call from LeRoy advising me that our new pre-fab barn is soon to be delivered. I told LeRoy that Thursday was the only day Marc could not be home to help with the siting of the barn and was tied up at work. Well the barn was about 30 minutes away and was going to be delivered! Up drives a semi hauling our pre-fab barn which is all steel framed and 15x30 ft. LeRoy meets me out back and tells me all I have to do is get on our tractor and using the chains and grapples drag the barn off the skids as he drives the semi forward. WHAT!! Seriously, I was panicking. I don't want the barn ruined and I sure as hell can't drive the tractor so I imposed on the driver, LeRoy to do it all by himself. I did lend moral support and stood around outside watching the action when I noticed the roofers waving at me. Kind of weird, but I waved back and thought they were just enjoying the fiasco with the barn. LeRoy jumps of the tractor and jogs to the house and I was thinking he was just running away, when in fact, the roofers ladder had fallen and they couldn't get down. Yeah, there I was waving at them when they weren't being friendly, just needing the get back on the ground. Can you only imagine what they were saying about the dumb blond out back waving at them??

LeRoy completes his job without any catastrophes and got the heck out of our place. I grabbed the kids, loaded them to go to homeschool gym (football) and the guy doing our siding drives in. So I had to stand around and discuss which product to put up on the house. At this point I really don't care; just put something up that doesn't have holes and isn't pea green. We made it to football and Thomas gets hit straight in the face with the ball and then gets a direct hit in the nuts. He whinned and cried on the way home until I found the snicker bars and he felt much better.

I fed the horse again, took the puppies out and Marc got home with Pebbles and Chowder who had been at doggy daycare. Both neighbors came over and Michelle brought Steph and Bryon and all of the kids ended up inside eating my hidden stash of halloween candy. Now I was pissed.
But the real topper of the day was that the roofers had to lift our satellite dishes and couldn;t get them put back correctly so I had NO TV OR INTERNET!!!! Finally at 7pm tonight, the DISH guy came out to align our dishes and voila' we are out of the dark ages.

Marc is gone picking Madi up from a birhtday party conveniently located in bismarck a mere 50 miles round trip. She has made a lot of neat friends from homeschool and I don;t care what it takes to keep her active with a nice group of kids. And some of the moms like to drink, so that is a plus for me.

All I know, is that life really does come at you fast. It works for me to stand there and act stupid and blond and somebody usually picks up the peices for you. Lame, but true. Oh, and our boys updates finally came and it says we are being preparation for MOI. It is getting closer, which is hard to believe. Keep your fingers crossed as we are hoping February or March they may actually be home with us.


Tifanni said...

Hilarious-Don't think of your roofers as convicts, They are just in summer camp-it sounds better :)

Kristi said...

Why wouldn't you be able to drive a tractor? You are in North Dakota!! :-)