Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No updates yet

I have been following other people's blogs who are adopting from our creche, and they all seem to have gotten their updates and pictures, but not us. A lot of the families are excited because their updates have noted progress thru the system, especially for those of us stuck in 2nd legal. I am anxious to get out update to see if we have completed the third leg of second legal and are heading into the home stretch of MOI. I know we haven't been in second legal very long; only arrived there on August 13th, but am hoping that we have a speedy trip thru it, since we spent an exceptionally long time in IBESR.

So to occupy my time, I thought I would post a picture or two from today of the two new puppies, Gucci and Carlos. They are 9 weeks old and have been home 6 days now and are oh, so much fun. Gucci likes to chew on the baseboard molding and Carlos is a major food piggy. Pebbles, our Rottweiler is very gentle and patient with the puppies and poor old Chowder, just can't believe they are here to stay. He just gives them a quick sniff and motors on his way.

Pebbles and Chowder are at doggy day care today. Why you ask?? Well our second new roof since June is being put on and the dogs go crackers hearing the ripping and tearing on the roof. So to save my sanity and theirs, they are spending a couple days at the local dog day spa and living it up.

And just for laughs, I received my THIRD jury summons since June. Incredible and unbelievable. I have called the Clerk of the Court and explained that I have been called 3 times, not been deffered and had been excused from the last session. I would think this would be clear to a woman whose job entails putting together jury pools, but she could not understand why I was asking to be excused since I had not been seated on a jury. what a flippin' idiot. As I very patiently went over the reasons why....which are actually blatantly clear....she got so upset with me that SHE hung up on me. Yes, the Clerk of the Court, hung up on me. Mind you, I was calm, polite, perhaps a bit frustrated, but never raised my voice nor said anything demeaning. Heck, the kids were in the car with me when I phoned and can attest that I was pretty cool, given the idiot I was dealing with. Now I am composing a biting letter to her supervisor who is a judge that Marc just happens to know professionally. I sure hope this woman gets her hand slapped for being so unprofessional and just plain old rude.

I am now done complaining for at least the next 20 minutes. Well, maybe not. Seems the roofers did not return today as it is very windy and I guess that could cause possible bodily injury.....wimps! But they left tools, open sacks of shingles, extension cords, etc., on the roof, all of which have blown off in our little wind storm. The noise is charming as you hear things scutter across the roof, and then silence until it hits the driveway. Ah, my glorious life. Now the house looks officially trashy with debris lying everywhere. Hopefully it will all blow away to Minnesota!


Kristi said...

The shoe in the background of this photo is stunning...oh yeah the puppy is cute too!

geralyn said...

Thanks. They were mine until Thomas started to wear them. Now he clomps around the house in them most days. I do make him leave them at home. No cross dressing in town for him...yet.

Tifanni said...

So the puppy is absolutely adorable. I can understand how your suicidal dog hates to have the roof replayed, I gets me every time :)
Actually its been really windy here, which is really rare. My picnic table and chairs have toppled over like 10 times :)

Kristi said...

I would like to see Thomas wearing the shoes with a feather boa :-) So funny. Hey whatever makes him happy! My niece was clomping around in my dress shoes the other day - it was funny. But I have no high heals, as you probably would have assumed ;-)