Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Latest pictures of Jerome and Richnightder

The most recent trip to the creche has just returned home to the states and we have gobs of new photos of the boys, courtesy of a couple families.

Beth took Richnightder's birthday present to him for us, and April took some great pictures of him opening it and a tear-jerker video of the traveling families singing "Happy Birthday" to him. Of course I cried watching it, thanks April, but it is so wonderful to know that the other visiting adopting families treat everyone else child at the creche as a member of their extended family. In actuality, our kids at the Creche are living like a large family, somewhat like the Duggars, and when they eventually do make their ways home to us here in North America, it is important to me that they stay in touch with their creche family. I am sooo appreciative of the love, hugs and kisses that everyone shares with all the kids. It makes those of us at home feel warm inside even though we are insanely jealous that we are not there ourselves.

So tonight I thought I would post a picture of my stunningly handsome boys who are getting closer and closer to make it home to us. Beth, April, Jennifer and Laura, I raise my Corona to you in appreciation of the fantastic pictures. Gulp, gulp, gulp........aaaahhh, that was tasty and it only would have tasted better had I popped that open at the dining room table in the creche. P.S....Did Antoine do any late night runs into Croix de Bouquet for 'beverages'???


Kristi said...

Those are really really fabulous photos of your boys.

I love that we all love each and every child. While your boys may not be mine I love them like they are.

I just said love a lot. :-)

Tifanni said...

They are so cute together. I know Thomas told me that you can't use the word cute for boys, but it will be our little secret :)

PS-thanks so much for the coconut top. I'll be sure to post pics of Aurrora on Halloween.

Take care and crack an extra corona for me :)

AprilC said...

You are going to be BUMMED when I tell you this, but Antoine is not at the creche a better more late night runs, I had to live on 2, count them 2 glasses of wine only!!!

BTW...I love kissing on your boys!!!