Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three weeks ago we had a wee bit of a storm here. We watched the tornado form over our neighbor's house and it just sat and churned there for about 10 minutes. Of course we were outside taking pictures until it became abundantly clear that the storm was changing and taking aim at us. The storm actually made a full circle around us and eventually hit us from the north side. The hail was much more destructive than the wind and before the storm was over, it had nailed us with baseball size hail. Initially it had started with mere golfball size hail, which Marc braved the elements to collect a sample, but when the big stuff came, we headed for our basement. The horses were in their stalls in the barn, yet the hail punched holes in the roof and left them standing inside, being rained on. Fortunately none of them were hurt.

The house, barn, horse trailer and Marc's car were badly damaged. Marc's car had $12,000 damage, the horse trailer needs a new roof, the barn will need to be re-sided and re-roofed as well as our house. The worst part about the house is that when the storm hit, our roof was only one week old. State Farm had put an entire new roof on due to wind damage we had in May. Now we need yet another new roof. I hope they don't put us on some "do not insure" list!!

It does seem to be our luck that stuff like this happens. Hope everyone who has heard about the storm enjoys the pictures. Although we live far to remotely to benefit from tornado sirens, we have been in town when they go off and we laugh at the suprising effect it has on people. Instead of sending people inside their homes, as soon as the sirens go off, people scamper outside. Crazy.

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