Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

daily ramblings

I really am the worst mom ever. The July trip left today for the creche and I never got the new photo sheets put together for Richnightder and Jerome. I was going to have Tracy or April bring them to the boys and I never got them put together. I have some pictures of the 4 of us together from our last trip and put them in a little collage including Madi and Thomas, but yet they are still sitting on my kitchen counter.

I WILL have them done and laminated for someone to take down on the first August trip. Any volunteers? You know, of course, that in addition to delivering the photos you also have to give my boys hugs and kisses and whisper in their ears how much we love them. I am jealous of the group heading out today, but I am always jealous when other people get to go and play with all the kids and get slobbered on.

A family from Utah should be there right now picking up their two kids to finally bring home. They have had an incredibly frustrating process and it is finally their turn to bring home their son and daughter. Congrats Seth and Melissa..and of course Coltyn too.

I had great hopes of having a normal school day with the kids, but as usual, chaos interrupted. Marc's mare, Hondo, developed a small case of gas colic which resulted in a trip to the vet. Another tubing of oil and DMSO and a little sedative and we were on our way home again. Her 2 month old filly seemed to enjoy the trip and stood so quietly while mama was being worked on. I am partial, but Coconut is a super cute filly and we have great hope that she will end up to be quite a little reiner in the AQHA world. She is sooooo friendly, but really has had no choice in the matter since Madi and Thomas have been pestering her since she was only an hour old. We tell people that she isn't bomb proof, she is THOMAS proof.

I too, like a friend in Montana, have stalls to clean and horses to move around. My fun continues as usual, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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